February 2019 SRS Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule
FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

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  • Integration: Upgrade to support side by side
  • Reviews: Dialogue permsissions


  • Global Search - Debounce not enabled | February 19 2019


  • Create Reviews from Proofing Workspace
  • Review Creation Tracking for in progress Assets


  • Review Dialogue Update


  • API: Archive has case sensitive file extension check
  • Assets: Image in pptx lost on upload asset
  • Assets: Second versioning of an asset whilst the first is incomplete causes error message
  • Integration: Jira - Spinner after saving/cancelling a review
  • Login: For multiple account user - update email confirmation link invalid
  • MyReviews: Column Headers lost on scroll
  • Performance: Global search slow
  • Reviews:  Can't Upload assets and create a Review at the same time
  • Security: upgrades
  • Settings: Locale - New Session - Console Error | February 04 2019


  • Activity Feed: Review Status localization not populating content in the History
  • AdminPanel: User list performs poorly on large data sets
  • Assets: Video Controls Fill Screen - Unresponsive in IE
  • Localization: Popup error dialog message needs adjusting
  • Login: After Launching with Ext Reviewer - Can't Access Login Page from New Tab
  • My Reviews: Time filters not applying
  • Resources: Instance Administrators cannot add themselves to accounts
  • Reviews: Create Feedback From Folder with Reference File(s) is Producing an Error
  • Reviews: Opening a Review Assigned to Role - Directed to Activity Feed
  • Work Screen: usp_selectWorkList timeout



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