January 2019 FRS Release Notes

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 | January 08 2019


  • Localization: ConceptShare now supports Japanese and Simplified Chinese


  • Activity Feed: Review Status Update - Not Displayed Properly
  • Admin Panel: Owner not updating
  • Assets Page: Deliverables - Context Menu Should Not Show Up
  • Assets: LocNotFound noted on Web Content versioning
  • Console Error On Pages With Multiple Input Fields That Do Not Have ID's
  • Integration: Jira - can't overwrite existing cookies
  • Integration: Jira - Review does not complete configuration when adding self as user
  • Integrations: Jira - Review Dialog - Cannot add new User
  • Integrations: Jira - Add-on Shared Key Cycling Breaks Integration
  • Login: Input field not consistently recognized by LastPass
  • Missing Localizations in 6.16
  • Mobile: refresh page on annotator
  • Preferences: My Profile - Custom Avatar - Not Displayed
  • Projects: Cannot Assign Inactive Users as Owner
  • Proofing Workspace: Open Review does not list all assigned
  • ProofingWorkspace: Open Review shows status in English when locale set to Simplified Chinese or Japanese
  • Queue: Thread count settings have restrictive threshold
  • Resources: Add Net New User - Directed to wrong landing page via Account Invite
  • Resources: Edit Project - Change Owner to non Project Member - Prompted for Role
  • Resources: External reviewers converted to account users don't have first/last name
  • Reviews: Review Comments Only on a deleted review don't have the Feedback items removed
  • Settings: Long User Names Cause The Account Settings Icon To Push Off The Screen | January 08 2019


  • Security: Nvisium 6.2 - Re-authentication not required for state changing operations
  • Proofing Workspace: Unable To Leave Feedback After Using Text Select And Changing Pages
  • External Reviewers - Restrict Access
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