What's New! December 2018

Featured in this Release:

JIRA Integrated accounts now have access to invite Guest Reviewers (AKA External Reviewers) and to upload Web Capture Assets.

Guest Reviewers

Guest reviewers are granted temporary access to a specific review.  They receive a pre-authenticated link via an email invitation.   It allows them to access and provide feedback on that review over the next 90 days (or until it has been marked completed).

It is an easy solution to those scenarios where the reviewer is called upon infrequently and therefore doesn’t need a full ConceptShare user account.  Some examples include: the content expert on a special project, the new prospect giving direction on the initial mock up, or the infrequent executive who possesses the coveted rubber stamp of approval.


Web Capture

Looking to review or compare pages of a website?  Web capture allows you to upload a snapshot of a site to review in ConceptShare.  Enter one or more URLs and add them to your review to get feedback. 


Sneak Peak: JIRA Server  Currently you can integrate your JIRA account hosted in the cloud with ConceptShare, but the option to integrate with your hosted JIRA account with ConceptShare is <updated> Now Available!



Encourage different teams at your company to try the new features for the JIRA Integration. If they have any questions, or suggestions, please share them with us.

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