What's New! October 2018

Featured in this Release:


  • You can now select your preferred working language: English, Chinese, or Japanese and we’ll be adding more languages to this list in the future.
  • Your language setting will also determine the language in which a Feedback Summary is generated.

How can this help your review and approval cycle?

Everyone works best in a familiar language. Displaying ConceptShare in your language of choice allows you to interact and navigate more rapidly.

How do I use this feature?

To change your preferred language:

  1. Click the new globe icon at the top-right corner to display the list of available languages, and select the appropriate language from the dropdown menu
  2. Likewise, from the Proofing Workspace, click the globe and make your language selection.
  3. Click OK

If you'd like to see the detailed list of what’s included in the latest release, please see the release notes.


Encourage your team to try the new feature. If they have any questions, or suggestions, please share them with us.

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