Personal Account Settings: Language

You can now select English, Chinese or Japanese as your preferred working language in ConceptShare (we plan on adding more languages to this list in the future).


How do I change my preferred language?

1. Click the globe icon at the top-right corner to display the list of available languages, select your preferred language from the dropdown menu. 

2. A warning will appear informing you changing the language will cause the page to reload, if you have unsaved work on this page it will be lost. Click OK to continue. 

The ConceptShare UI will now display your preferred language. 

Note: Your language setting will also determine the language in which a Feedback Summary is generated. 


You can change your preferred language from several places in the application: 

1. The login screen 


2. The main page 


3. The Proofing Workspace*


*Integrators can disable the globe in the Proofing Workspace if they have other language management options.

4. Account Administrators can also set the default language for all new users added to the account from the Account Settings page. 



You are now able to set the ConceptShare UI to your preferred language. 


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