Working with External Reviewers (Advanced Release)

External reviewers are invited to give feedback on asset(s) in a review by a specific date, but are not issued a paid license in ConceptShare.


When using External Reviews, Project Managers are able to add non ConceptShare users to Reviews they create. There can be any combination of internal/external reviewers assigned to a review.

Important things to consider, External Reviewers:

  • Do not become a user in ConceptShare when added to a review. External reviewers access a review via the link provided in the review invite email
  • Are only able to access asset(s) in the review they are invited to. They do not have access to anything outside of the review they are a part of.  This includes referenced, or related assets.
  • Cannot access an open review after 90 days
  • Can have their access removed by removing the external reviewer from any reviews they are a part of
  • Will receive email notifications from ConceptShare to update them on state of review (review has been reset, review has been edited, due date reminders, etc.)
  • Will only receive notifications for comments where someone is replying to them, they are part of the conversation thread, or they were at mentioned
  • Are not able to select defer as a response even if this option is available in the review
  • Are not able to access the review using mobile (desktop, laptop and tablet only)
  • Do not need a password to login 
  • Can forward their invitation to others

Some examples of how the external reviewer feature can be used in ConceptShare; 

  • An executive needs to approve assets for an upcoming release
  • A client wants to give feedback on materials for a scheduled campaign
  • An external "content expert" is invited to give specialized feedback 

Step 1

Create an Approval/Feedback review in ConceptShare: enter the appropriate review info, add the asset(s) to be reviewed, and add any ConceptShare users that will be part of the review.


Step 2

To add external reviewer(s), enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite.

A drop down menu will appear, select Add to review as an external reviewer


Step 3

The newly added external reviewer will appear in the External Reviewers list


Click OK to launch the review and send email invitations with a link to all reviewers.

Update the Profile to Display a Name:

The external reviewer's default name is "External Reviewer". To enter the name of the external reviewer, hover over their profile to expose the edit button.

Enter their first name, last name, click OK.

This can be done either when creating or editing the Review.


Resend the invitation:

If you need to resend an invitation to an External Reviewer.

Edit the review and hover over the Resource

Then click on the Mail icon to resend the invitation.


Remove Access to the Review:

To remove an External Reviewer's access to this review, edit your review

Hover over the resource and click the X.


Once you save, this will remove them from the review and if they try to access the review in the future they will receive a message that states "You no longer have access to the review". 

This removal of access is also true after 90 days have elapsed from the point the External Reviewer was invited to participate.

An External Reviewer invited to a review will receive an email similar to the one below.


By clicking the link, the external reviewer will open the Proofing Workspace where they will be able to access the assets, feedback and responses in that review and provide their own feedback, approve/reject decisions.  See Further Reading below for information on how to Participate in a Review.


  • An External Reviewer will receive emails when they are invited to a review, when the review is updated, when they are @mentioned on a review or when someone replies to a post or thread they are a part of.
  • If they are added to multiple Reviews the individual pre-authenticated link in each of their emails will be their access point to each review; they can not transition from one review to another from within the Proofing Workspace.
  • A completed review can be viewed and feedback added, but no further responses can be submitted.


Note: If an External Reviewer's access expires, or is removed they will see a message indicating they can no longer load the item when they try to access the Review. 


You are now able to add non ConceptShare users to a review to get feedback, approve/reject decisions.


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