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The My Reviews Screen allows for Reviewers to quickly see and action on Reviews assigned to them in ConceptShare.

Click the image below to see it in more detail, and for more information follow the numbers below to see details on the highlighted areas.


  • If you want to find a specific Review, you can use the Search Bar to locate the Review based on its name. Typing into the bar automatically begins to filter the Reviews that you see.
  • The My Reviews Screen has the following Sorting options, which can be found by selecting the drop down arrow.



    You can also create a filter, to further narrow down to specific Reviews that need attention.




There are three columns on the My Reviews Screen.

  • To-Do means you haven't yet added any feedback or provided any Responses on the Review.

  • In Progress holds all Reviews that you have provided feedback on, and/or some but not all Responses.

  • Once all your Responses have been submitted, the Review Card moves to the Done Column. *Note that a Review shown in the Done column means that YOUR work is currently Done; the Review might still be In Progress as it might be waiting for other Reviewers.

  • This icon on the Review Card indicates that this particular Review is NEW, since you last logged into ConceptShare.

  • This icon on the Review Card shows the current volume of feedback that are on this Review. When this icon is blue, it indicates that there is NEW feedback that you haven't seen yet, and a grey icon indicates that all feedback currently on the Review has been read. *Note that this feedback count is cumulative across all Assets in the Review, and all Versions of Assets.

  • The main thumbnail on the Review Card is the first Asset in the Review. If this Asset is a multi-Asset Review, additional thumbnails of the other Assets are found here. If there are more than 4 Assets, those extra Assets are shown as a count. .


You can quickly see which reviews you are assigned to and their progress. Return here to ensure all your work gets completed in a timely fashion.

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