What's New! February 2018

We've enhanced the Feedback Summary with Feedback Flags and Resolutions!

What's New?:

  • Feedback Summaries now include Feedback Flags and Flag Resolutions, as well as new Filters to target specific Feedback Flags and Flag Resolutions
  • Project Permissions are more configurable, allowing users to apply and resolve Feedback Flags without requiring permission to edit the Feedback itself



What drove the changes?

  1. Project Managers told us they want to filter the list of change requests they send out to be more concise.  For example: a list of only the changes Flagged as “Proceed".
  2. Project Managers also said that, once an asset was finalized, they want a snapshot of all the changes requested, and that it is important to include the flags and resolutions. For example: Displaying feedback Resolved as “Verified”, or Flagged as “Skip”.
  3. Our Account and Project Administrators highlighted that they have specialized teams with specific tasks in the review and approval cycle. For example: Project Managers are the only ones who should Flag items to "Proceed", and the Production team are the only ones who should Resolve Flags. However, neither of those teams should have the ability to change the original comments.


Create a More Concise Report of Changes

Flagging helps you organize the feedback received on an Asset.  You can now generate a Feedback Summary that only includes Feedback with specific Feedback Flags, Flag Resolutions or both.

Customized Feedback Summary
Use the Feedback Filters when generating a Feedback 
Summary to tailor it to your needs, or those of the recipient.

Segmenting Roles - Flagging, Resolving or Both?

Role Permissions enable users to access the features they need.  Should your PM team be the only ones able to flag items; your Production team the only ones to resolve them?  Administrators can now make this distinction using custom roles and the permissions below:



Encourage your team to try the new enhancements - we’ll be listening closely to your feedback. Let us know what you think! 

The ConceptShare Customer Success Team


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