What's New! January 2018

We're promoting Feedback Promotion!

Promoting Feedback will allow your team to accelerate the feedback cycle by copying selected feedback from previous versions to the current version under review. 

The feedback that has been promoted can then be flagged and resolved, edited, or marked as needing further changes.


Promoting Feedback:

  • Ensures that if changes were not executed they are caught and highlighted
  • Allows an ongoing conversation to be continued
  • Makes feedback vetoed in previous version visible in the new version to discourage repetitive discussion
  • Allows feedback in draft mode when an asset was versioned to be promoted to the current version, instead of being cancelled
  • Adds the verification of critical changes to be visible on the current version

The Project Administrators automatically get access to promote feedback, but Account Administrators can activate the project permissions for any custom Project Role. 

In addition to the permission to promote comments your roles will need:

  • Promote and Edit Comment permissions to publish your own promoted feedback.
  • Promote and Edit all Comment permissions to publish any promoted feedback.

Let us know how this has improved accuracy on the finalized assets for your teams or share any other feedback you have about Promoting Feedback!

The ConceptShare Customer Success Team


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