How do I Promote Feedback?



Promoting lets you copy selected feedback from previous versions to the current version.

Promoted feedback can then be flagged and resolved, edited, or marked as needing further changes.

The new Project Role Permission is automatically enabled for Project Administrators. This permission can also be manually applied to any custom role you have created.

Please note: 

  • Publishing your own promoted feedback requires Promote and Edit Comment permissions.
  • Publishing any promoted feedback requires Promote and Edit all Comment permissions.

How to Promote Feedback to my current asset version?

Step 1

Version an asset that has feedback applied

Step 2

Open the previous version, or compare both versions using the Compare Tool.


Step 3

Open the Feedback Panel to expose comments made on the older version, click the chevron on a piece of feedback, choose Promote.


Step 4

Open the newest asset version and you will see the promoted comment in a pending status. While the comment is Pending it is only visible to the comment author and to the Promoter.


Click the flag icon to update the flags and resolutions, or use the Edit option in the chevron to edit annotations, or comment itself.

Step 5

Click the chevron on the pending piece of Feedback and choose Publish. This will make it visible to all reviewers of this asset.





You can now promote feedback in ConceptShare!


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