Promoting Feedback

Promoting Feedback allows your team to accelerate the feedback cycle by copying feedback from the previous asset version to the current version. Promoted feedback can then be flagged/resolved, or discussed further.

Promoting Feedback can be used to:

  • Ensure changes requested on the previous version were incorporated into the new version
  • Allow collaboration on a single comment to span asset versions
  • Make feedback vetoed in previous version visible in the current version discouraging repetitive discussion
  • Allow draft (unpublished) feedback from a previous version to be promoted to the current version
  • Allow reviewers to verify critical change requests are incorporated into the current version



The new Project Role Permission is automatically enabled for Project Administrators.  This permission can also be manually applied to any custom role you have created. 


  • Publishing your own promoted feedback requires Promote and Edit Comment permissions
  • Publishing any promoted feedback requires Promote and Edit all Comment permissions

Step 1

Version an asset that has existing feedback 

Step 2

Open the previous version, or compare the new and old version in the Compare Lab


Step 3

Open the Feedback Panel for the old asset version, click the chevron on a piece of feedback, click Promote.


Step 4

Open the new asset version to view the promoted comment.

Notice it is in a pending status, while the comment is in a state of Pending it is only visible to the author of the comment and the Promoter.


Click the flag icon to update the flag or resolution.

In the event the comment itself needs to be edited, click the chevron and select Edit from the dropdown menu.

Step 5

Click the chevron on the pending piece of Feedback and choose Publish. This will publish the promoted feedback making it visible to all reviewers.

Note: The author will remain the same as when the feedback was originally submitted. 



Feedback Notes

  • Any piece of feedback can be promoted across as many versions as necessary
  • Promoted Feedback in a state of Pending is only visible to the promoter and the author of the feedback itself
  • Draft feedback can be promoted to the current asset version by the author
  • When feedback is promoted, the date/time from when the feedback was first submitted is what appears
  • Feedback can be promoted from any previous version, not just the most recent version

 Publish Notes

  • The feedback menu button option "Publish All Feedback" can be used to publish all Draft and all Pending Feedback at once.

 Asset Format Notes

  • Feedback can only be promoted between asset versions of the same type (Video, document, image, etc.)
  • Clicking 'Rendering an asset for compatibility with older browsers' box on asset upload will not change the asset type
  • If an asset type different from the original version was uploaded accidentally, versioning again with the original asset type will allow you to promote the comment to the current version. For example: V1 Document, V2 Image, V3 Document means we can promote feedback from V1 to V3
  • In a review, only asset versions included in the review itself will be accessible for promoting feedback
  • Promoting will align feedback as best it can without being able to analyze the asset content.

Some scenarios to consider:

- Spanned frames on videos that have been reduced will align with matching time points. 
- A video that is shorter than the span, will have the span proportionally reduced. 
- Feedback is applied to the matching page number
- If you promote feedback from a page that no longer has a matching page number in the newest version it will be applied to the last page.
- If feedback was given in 2 page view and there are fewer pages in the newest version the system will shuffle to try to maintain the same 2 up display.  For instance, including a cover page to keep the display aligned.

 Exception Notes

  • Copy Review and Text Search tools are unable to retain the markup on promoted feedback
  • You will receive messaging to draw your attention to this 
  • The system will place reference link markers to indicate where the successful points were for the text search
  • Promoted feedback can be edited before, or after being published to repeat the text search or otherwise adjust the markup or feedback content
  • Editing feedback now allows you to move feedback to a new page




You can now promote feedback from previous versions to the most recent version in ConceptShare!


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