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How is ConceptShare organized?

In ConceptShare, creative teams upload one or more assets into ConceptShare, create a review with these assets and invite reviewers to submit responses by a specific date. 

Let's review some of the terminology: 

An asset is a file that is being routed for review and/or approval or for reference.

An asset could be;

  • Videos: eg. 5 minute instructional documentary
  • Images: eg. photoshoots, promotional brochures, packaging
  • Documents: eg. white paper, contract catalogue
  • Web Content: eg. HTML5 Banner Ads, Static Web Pages (Live Web Pages - part of the roadmap)

A reviewer is a person participating in a review

A review is a collection of one or more assets where one or more reviewers are invited to submit feedback and/or approvals by a specific date

Feedback is any comments + markups reviewers make on an asset 

The place in ConceptShare where reviewers submit their feedback is called the Proofing Workspace.


Logging into ConceptShare


When your Account Administrator creates an account for you in ConceptShare, you will receive an email invitation to create a password, accept terms & conditions and log into your account for the first time.

Step 1

Click the link in the email message. 


Step 2

Create a password, then confirm it by entering it a second time. 

The numbers at the end of the line indicate how complex your password needs to be. (Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers, Symbols)

Step 3

Check the "I Accept the Privacy and Terms" check box.

Step 4

Click the Activate button and you are all set!

PRO TIP - Bookmark, or favourite the account URL to make it easy to return to the login screen in the future. 

Now that your account is set up, it's time to learn how you are invited to reviews and where to find reviews you are a part of. 


Finding your Reviews


The My Reviews screen allows reviewers to view all reviews assigned to you, listed in their current state of either To-do, In progress or Done

To-do = New to you, no feedback or responses offered by you 

In Progress = You've offered some feedback or responses but have not submitted. Or a new version of an asset has been added to the review 

Done = Feedback and responses have been submitted by you. Or the review has been marked as status Completed

To open a review from the My Reviews page, click on the thumbnail of the review you'd like to open. 



Participating in a Review


You will receive a ConceptShare email inviting you to a review. 


Click Launch Review to open review in the Proofing Workspace.


Step 1

Click the i bubble on the right side of the Review Bar to view Review instructions.


Step 2

Read existing feedback (if there is any) and if you'd like to reply, click on the feedback box itself to open the reply field. Click Post to publish your reply.

PRO TIP - Replying to existing comments reduces redundancy in large reviews and encourages collaboration between reviewers


Step 3

Now that you've read the review instructions and existing comments, it's time to submit feedback of your own.


Click Publish to make your comment viewable to others. Click Save Draft if you'd like this comment to only be viewable to you (useful if you'd like some time to ponder before publishing). Click Clear to delete your comment. 

If you want to publish comments you have saved as Drafts you can publish them all at once.

Click Comments, Options, Publish All Feedback

Or you can choose to publish a specific draft comment.

Navigate to the comment, Click on the chevron in the top right corner, choose Publish

This will ensure your fellow reviewers are able to see your input on these assets.

NOTE - Reviewers can add multiple points of feedback to an asset 

Step 4

Once you've completed your feedback, it is time to submit your response on the asset.

Approval Review - click Approve or Reject button



Feedback Review - Click Complete Feedback button


Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each asset in the review.


You can navigate to the next asset by clicking the next thumbnail in the Asset Explorer found at the bottom of the Proofing Workspace. If the Asset Explorer is hidden, it can be exposed by clicking the Folder Icon.

Step 6 

Once you've submitted a response for each asset in the review, the Submit Response box will appear, requesting final confirmation before your responses are published.

NOTE - Your responses are saved in a Draft mode visible only to you, until you choose to submit them. Draft responses can be changed but until you submit, your work is not considered "done".




You now understand how to register your account, find reviews you are a part of and give feedback on and approve/reject assets in the context of a review.


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