October 2016 Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule

FRS = Fixed Release Schedule


5.2.4 (SRS), 5.1.9 (FRS) | Oct. 24 , 2016


  • Permissions: Archiving downloads all assets without confirming permissions to view or download assets

  • Proofing Workspace: Copy/Review markup doesn't display when changing pages

  • Proofing Workspace: Extra thumbnails being added to PDFs


5.2.2 (SRS), 5.1.7 (FRS) | Oct. 17 , 2016


  • Admin Panel: New Account Creation registration link redirects to login page

  • Assets: Tab not visible when permission to see folders is set to No

  • Mobile: App does not redirect to desired URL after login

  • Mobile: App does not support review URLs

  • Mobile: Cannot Playback Video in IOS10

  • Other: Database migrations error - not returning valid exit code

  • Permissions: Account Registration not recognized on reactivated account

  • Permissions: Retrieve Lock always returns "you do not have permissions to unlock this"

  • Projects: Creating new project with a custom form date field fails

  • Projects: Delete a project with blank deliverable causes an error loop

  • Proofing Workspace: Cannot open Reference Link to an Image in Compare Mode

  • Proofing Workspace: Icons out of order

  • Proofing Workspace: Mouse wheel scrolling broken on continuous view

  • Proofing Workspace: Mouse wheel scrolling stops working after leaving text selection markup

  • Proofing Workspace: Spin loader for assets closes prematurely

  • Resources: Longer Email addresses not fully visible on the Information Page

  • Reviews: An error during a review response submission will still allow the response to be submitted

  • Workflow: Creating Review does not require a name.


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