August 2016 - ConceptShare Update

August 2016 Product Update 5.2


ConceptShare has been updated to the latest release 5.2 effective August 31st, 2016. 

Here is an overview of changes & features we've added to this release:  


The Session Heartbeat

To support our Integrators we launched the Session Heartbeat, a tool that is aware of the active session for individual users.  Enterprise security monitoring needs to be able to lock down access to information and applications when they are not being used to minimize the risk to their company.  One mechanism in the security arsenal is session expiry, but it is important to ensure the timing is accurate.  The session heartbeat provides awareness of the active session and which can then allow the integration to control the timing of a session expiry.

See our Blog post on Heartbeat


Rapid Transitions

You'd like it to go faster?  We agree!  Our development team has released enhancements to ensure that dialogue transitions are more rapid as you navigate the user interface.


On Premise Customer or Partner?

Before installing 5.2 be sure to read:  5.2 On Premise Update Instructions


If you have any questions, or need more information about these changes please refer to the rest of our Knowledge Base, or reach out to us at - We're here to help!


What Else is New? 

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