August 2016 Release Notes

SRS = Standard Release Schedule

FRS = Fixed Release Schedule

5.2.1 (SRS),  5.1.6 (FRS) | Aug 31 , 2016


  • Notifications: Image thumbnail no longer visible in HTML emails


5.2 | Aug 31 , 2016

New Features:

  • Session Heartbeat: Allow Integrators to be aware of the active session for users and control the timing of session expiry based on inactivity.


  • UI: More rapid dialogue transitions

Bug Fixes:

  • Activity Feed: Updated comment widget visible when not part of review
  • Admin Panel: Cannot Login Directly - Release Candidate
  • Admin Panel: Creating a new account (not user) with 0 user limit and then increasing leaves all users deactivated
  • Admin Panel: Instance admins can't view/edit account details.
  • API: SOAP API Can Create Review Without Inputting The Code Field But The UI cannot
  • Deliverables: Actions button does not appear for assigning resources
  • Feedback Summary: Comment with missing markup causes report to fail.
  • Notifications: Email for Reviewer Updated their status not populating comments
  • Notifications: Reminder emails are re-sent if review is edited before it becomes overdue
  • Notifications: Suppress error notification errors
  • Projects: Template Selector Only lists full template name with hover
  • Proofing Workspace: Comment Pins - two pins in the exact same position, only the top one is selectable
  • Proofing Workspace: Editing a comment makes it no longer expandable
  • Proofing Workspace: Entering Feedback Mode Does Not Set Focus On Add Feedback TextArea
  • Proofing Workspace: Text Search Comment Creates When Empty
  • Proofing Workspace: Viewing feedback on Multi Page Document Fails on First Attempt
  • Resources: Changing Project owner does not add resource
  • Reviews: Comments From Previous Versions not showing In Proofing WorkSpace
  • Reviews: Error Notification inaccurate when other team member has already claimed review
  • Reviews: If all approve - Global Approval applied - without a reviewer response visible in the UI
  • Reviews: Review Completion Date Not Appearing in Date Last Status Updated field
  • Settings: Custom Form Field Grid: does not show dates/time in specified format for that row
  • Settings: Custom Form: edit field dialog does not display default value in date/time format specified
  • Settings: Global Activity Feed screen appears on first log even though start screen is set to Work
  • Smart Folder: Opening a to-do via smart folder screen does not work
  • Work Screen: "Too Many Results" message not shown when > 200 results
  • Workflow: Account Workflow Errors not reporting
  • Workflow: Condition Type (Time Check) Format Type (Next Day At): does not work correctly
  • Workflow: Create review in a project/deliverable default location not maintained
  • Workflow: Restart Stages out of Order
  • Workflow: Templates have a Console Error on Open and Create (IE)


5.1.5 | Aug 26 , 2016


  • Notifications: When image is removed from email notification it appears as an attachment
  • Activity Feed: Database timeout on the SelectFeedWidgetList
  • Permissions: Project Role: Add edit and remove Resources is not able to view Resources properly


5.1.4 | Aug 18 , 2016


  • Feedback Summary: Filter not matching comment replies
  • Proofing WorkSpace: PDF partially cut off on MAC
  • SAML: SAML_ASSERTION_ENDPOINT URL won't work if not SLASH terminated


5.1.3 | Aug 15 , 2016


  • Assets: Previous versions are lost when moving versioned assets between folders
  • Assets: Scrolling doesn't account for rotation on documents
  • Proofing WorkSpace: Two Replies listed when only one is added to a comment
  • Reviews: Editing to remove a resource causes unending spinner
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