July 2016 - ConceptShare Update

July 2016 Product Update 5.1

ConceptShare has been updated to the latest release effective July 11th, 2016. 

Here is an overview of changes & features we've added to this release:  

1. Simplified, Faster Feedback Management: 

We have consolidated the Add Feedback and Feedback areas in the Proofing Workspace into one central place to add, review, and respond to feedback. This means fewer clicks, and a much faster experience when using the Proofing Workspace!

  • To add feedback to an asset, simply click on the small plus sign icon in the right side toolbar to expose the Add Feedback panel.
  • You can then use the markup tools to add your markup and feedback. 
  • To view all feedback, simply click on the chevron icon to collapse the Add Feedback panel and expose All Feedback.


2. Remembering the Way You Like to Work: 

  • When you select a particular viewing mode while reviewing Documents in the Proofing Workspace your preferences will be remembered and carried over to all documents you view moving foward (of course, until you change your preference!). This creates a much smoother and faster experience when reviewing multiple documents.
  • When you first open a document in the Proofing Workspace, select your preferred view mode from the options menu in the top right of the Proofing Workspace
  • This view mode will be remembered and become the default view mode for all other documents you open in the Proofing Workspace until you change your preferred view mode or unless a view mode is unsupported due to document limitations. For example: 
    • If Two Page view mode is selected as preference, and you open a document with only one page - the view mode will default to Single Page view. 


3. Scrolling for Multi-Page Documents: 

We have updated the Proofing Workspace so that when you are zooming in on multi-page documents you will see vertical and horizontal scrollbars appear - this means you can use mouse wheel controls to scroll through different parts of the document so you can review everything you need faster, and with fewer clicks.

  • Open a document in the Proofing Workspace and zoom in. You will then see scroll bars appear on the right side and bottom of the document
  • The mouse wheel no longer does zooming as the default action, and instead handles scrolling of a document if needed in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Additional shortcuts, mouse wheel + key selections will also control both horizontal and vertical scrolling of documents (see our knowledge base for more details)
  • This applies to documents only - for images and video the mouse wheel will still be used for zooming

4. Continuous Feedback for Multi-Page Documents: 

With this new update you will always see the page thumbnails in the left sidebar while adding feedback. This means reviewers only need to click "Add Feedback" once, then add all of their feedback throughout the entire document without clicking back and forth between viewing modes - making document reviews happen even faster.

  • Open a multi-page document in the Proofing Workspace, and click the plus icon to open the Add Feedback panel. 
  • Page thumbnails will remain in the left side panel, and you can click to any page to continuously add feedback 
  • You can use the small arrow on the left side panel to close page previews if needed

5. Web Font Support for HTML5 Files:

We now support Web Fonts in the Proofing Workspace for HTML5 files. This means when HTML5 files using Web Fonts are uploaded into ConceptShare, they will be rendered with the proper font when opened and viewed in the Proofing Workspace. 

See it in action here: 

5.1 Updates

If you have any questions, or need more information about these changes please refer to the rest of our Knowledge Base or reach out to us at - We're here to help!


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