July 2016 Release Notes

5.1.2 | July 19 , 2016


  • Assets: Some JPG files unable to load in ConceptShare
  • Notifications: Email Digest (Comment) - does not work
  • Proofing Workspace: Publish option via context menu doesn't work


5.1.1 | July 12 , 2016


  • Assets: PDF Documents - Cropped when Viewed when Dot-Pitch greater then 1
  • Workflow: Actions Not Assigning Events to Correct Resource


5.1 | July 11 , 2016


  • Proofing Workspace: 'Add Feedback' and 'Feedback' accordions have been merged into one 'Feedback' accordion. 
  • Proofing Workspace: Publishing feedback now gives a notification indicating it has been published.
  • Proofing Workspace: When working with documents in the Proofing Workspace, the last view mode is now remembered for the user. This remembered setting is supported across sessions (leveraging local storage). This setting is only changed when the user uses the context menu to change view modes. 
  • Proofing Workspace: When working with documents in the Proofing Workspace, the mouse wheel no longer handles zooming. The mouse wheel now handles scrolling of a document (if needed) in both horizontal and vertical directions. Regular mouse wheel for up/down and SHIFT+mouse wheel for left/right. To zoom in a document: Windows is CTRL+mouse wheel, Mac is COMMAND+mouse wheel. Images/Video remains unchanged (mouse wheel zooms).
  • Proofing Workspace: Continuous Feedback Support is enabled for Documents. Once "Add Feedback" is clicked, page thumbnails will remain on the left side while adding feedback. Reviewers will now be able to add all of their feedback throughout the entire document without clicking back and forth between viewing modes. 


Bug Fixes:

  • Workflow: Time Check, offset date time function not working
  • Workflow: "Current Deliverable" not an option for Transitions/Conditions
  • Workflow: New actions will not fire if original owner not present
  • Proofing Workspace: Large size images with opacity do not render correctly
  • Proofing Workspace: Cannot Load Documents - PDFJS Missing
  • Proofing Workspace: Text Search "no matches found" shows up even when it finds matches
  • Proofing Workspace: Clicking on a comment doesn't always expand it
  • Proofing Workspace: Cursor does not appear in Safari
  • Proofing Workspace: Bottom film strip shows version outside of context of review
  • Proofing Workspace: Document has the incorrect colour
  • Proofing Workspace: Compare mode version/related asset dropdown doesn't refresh between assets
  • Proofing Workspace: Region Tool background on PDF's with different sized pages does not adjust to page size
  • Proofing Workspace: PDF render issue
  • Proofing Workspace: .gif Videos have skip frame at end/can't jump back
  • Proofing Workspace: Directly loading document in Proofing Workspace fails
  • Reviews: Editing deliverable Review from Review info - cannot see Deliverable Assets
  • Reviews: Unable to submit response in Review - Submitted already
  • Reviews: Approval Review total count doesn't update till refresh
  • Reviews: Actions button on the info screen does not reflect all the Actions from the main Review screen
  • Reviews: Globally Approved Calculation not triggered if last reviewer removed
  • Reviews: Responses attributing to incorrect owner after reassignment
  • Reviews: ReviewList has poor performance on high volumes
  • Reviews: Response and Date Columns not visible if there is a long resource name
  • Assets: Comparing does not launch the two selected assets from the Asset Tab
  • Assets: Upon network interruption the upload fails with no messaging
  • Assets: Image/Folder Permissions - Clicking a greyed out "NO" enables Save button
  • Assets: Description Field - set character limit to 512 characters
  • Assets: Clicking on an asset still uploading or processing should not load the Proofing Workspace
  • Assets: Timeout during finalization issues
  • Search: Opening dropdown list with a large number of items causes list to render off page.
  • Settings: Logout leaves center panel in view for 2-3 seconds
  • Settings: Custom Form - date range default value does not have second date
  • Settings: Global Activity Feed screen appears on first log in regardless of account settings and preferences
  • Projects: Deleting project from info screen doesn't remove it from project list
  • Activity Feed: Versioning asset pushes previous comments to top of the activity feed
  • Feedback Summary: Markup image on Document in the wrong position
  • API: Can create folders not within a project
  • API: Error when updating a custom field entry
  • API: External asset upload fails when content disposition header contains spaces and/or brackets
  • Notifications: Review Reminders go out after review set to complete
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