May 2016 - ConceptShare Update

May 2016 Product Update 5.01


Here are the changes you can expect to see and should ensure your teams are aware of:

1. Reorganized Sidebar and Settings: 

We have reorganized and cleaned up the settings in the sidebar navigation to make it faster and easier to navigate ConceptShare and keep the focus on what's important: Getting your work done.

Feature Details:

  • Resources, Upload Manager, Settings, and Logout options can now be found in a new "Settings" menu located in the top-right corner of the screen. 
  • Sidebar navigation is now collapsable to provide more real estate when it's needed. Navigation items will display a clickable icon when in collapsed mode. 
  • Sidebar navigation will automatically collapse and adjust to fit smaller screens.


2. Asset Rotation in Proofing Workspace: 

We have added a new feature in the Proofing Workspace that allows for assets to be rotated in 90 degree increments to make it easier to review and provide feedback on assets that require it. 

Feature Details: 

  • New "Rotate" icon located beside the asset resize tool that allows users to rotate asset in 90 degree increments. 
  • "Reset" icon located beside the asset resize tool that allows users to reset an asset to its default. 
  • Ability to markup and comment on an asset while rotated. Markup and comments are saved with asset's rotated orientation maintained. 


3. Markup / Feedback Pins in Proofing Workspace: 

Markup / Feedback pins in the Proofing Workspace that were previously only available for images are now available for PDF's and Documents. These pins identify markup and feedback points on an asset to make it easier to get a quick overview of feedback.

Feature Details:  

  • Clickable numbered pins identify markup points are displayed directly on each a document. 
  • Hovering over a pin will display a pop up with the feedback that corresponds to that markup point without needing to navigate through the Feedback section. 
  • Clicking on a pin will open the Feedback section and highlight the feedback that corresponds to that markup point.



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