May 2016 Release Notes

The following list of ConceptShare releases, by version number and date, identify new features, improvements and bug fixes from newest to oldest.


5.01 | May 30, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Assets: Image Settings are not honoured on upload
  • Assets: Rotation - Side handles on region, image, and reference links do not rotate with the asset
  • Permissions: Private Deliverables Visible to Restricted Users
  • Proofing Workspace: Header is offset incorrectly when in "Review & annotator only"


5.0 | May 24, 2016


  • Settings: Profile Menu and Account options reorganized and Side Panel view streamlined
  • Assets: Asset Rotation enabled with markup
  • Assets: Comment markers added to PDF documents (previously only available on images)

Bug Fixes:

  • Admin Panel: Instance Admin Cannot Change Account Role
  • Asset Upload: Animated Gif does not process successfully
  • Assets: PPTX document causes PowerPoint to hang preventing other PPTX from uploading
  • Assets: Uploading numerous assets some fail without notification
  • Global Search: Searching for an asset you have permissions to view but not permissions to see the folder is accessible
  • Markup - Feedback Summary - Slow
  • Notifications: 404 Error On Activation Email For Inactive Users\
  • Notifications: Email - comment replies deliver only to the comment thread owner
  • Permissions: In a Private Deliverable - To do visibility for resource not assigned to deliverable
  • Permissions: Logged in user's access not revoked in that session when they are moved to Inactive
  • Proofing Workspace: Comment Pins - Tool Tip - Show Comment Body
  • Proofing Workspace: Document fails to finish loading.
  • Proofing Workspace: Large File creates blank asset on versionin
  • Proofing Workspace: Text Search Tool causes pin metadata to be placed at center of asset.
  • Resources: Editing a resource from the project resource screen doesn't update
  • Resources: Query time is slow when searching and picking resources - defer or review
  • Reviews: Global Approve doesn't set status to complete when versioned asset exists


4.19.1 | May 19, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Proofing Workspace: Compare Lab: Show Differences - Images - Not Working

  • Other: ImageMagick vulnerabilities addressed


4.19.0 | May 10, 2016


  • API: Support Asset Retrieval from S3 Storage
  • Enhanced Queue monitoring

Bug Fixes:

  • Activity Feed: Markup Images for Call out don't capture the viewport in deeper zoom levels
  • Admin Panel: Remove Workflow Scripts References
  • Other: SQL Maintenance and db Migrator timeouts corrected
  • Projects: Project Created with different owner assigned not visible to creator
  • Proofing Workspace: Advance copy review tools displaying when 'Optimize for compatibility with older browsers" is checked on Upload
  • Proofing Workspace: Support multiple Tabs for electronic signature
  • Proofing Workspace: Launching directly to annotator with authenticated link briefly shows application
  • Proofing Workspace: Single Page Documents are locked in continuous mode
  • Settings: Editing a user email does not update in specific conditions
  • Activity Feed - Filter Icon - Missing
  • Activity Feed: Localization missing in the Deliverable Activity Feed
  • Admin Panel: Deleting an account doesn't remove it until you refresh
  • Admin Panel: Editing an account and pressing cancel still saves it
  • Admin Panel: Inactive users show up as active
  • Assets: Attempting to upload a large file does not work and needs error messaging
  • Assets: Clicking the context menu on moved assets causes errors
  • Assets: Moving an asset causes a Console Error
  • Assets: Small Images Do Not Render Properly
  • Feedback Summary: Typo in the name of the file
  • Login: Update User Profile always sets Accepted Terms to true
  • Proofing Workspace: Copy Review Tool formatting comments poorly
  • Proofing Workspace: Large images appear pixelated
  • Reviews: Deliverable review assets selectable outside the deliverable.
  • Reviews: Deliverable Review Info Screen is out of deliverable context
  • Settings: Project Templates - New Template with a blank owner field fails to create
  • Workflow: Large number of workflows take long time to process
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