March 2016 - ConceptShare Update

March 2016 Product Update (4.18)

Release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, are an on-going way we help our customers improve planning, collaboration, and productivity from ‘concept’ to ‘approved’. 

Here are some of the new features and updates we added this month:


A Brand New, Rebuilt Proofing Workspace

For the last few months, we focused on building a faster, more efficient, creative review process - a process that results in faster project approvals to meet deadlines and increase productivity. We’re proud to unveil our new Proofing Workspace that is cleaner, simpler and more modern - built to streamline the Reviewer’s experience, enhance ease-of-use and provide faster access to relevant content.

Reviewers will be pleased with how quickly assets load (three times faster) as they move through a review. Proofing Workspace elements now expand and collapse providing more viewing real estate. ‘Compare Mode’ and ‘Split Screen’ can be set as vertical or horizontal views to accommodate files of any shape. Wider Comment boxes accommodate lengthier messages and expand or collapse in place, making it easier to navigate through long lists of feedback. We’ve added keyboard, mouse wheel and trackpad shortcut commands and consolidated the markup tools and their properties into the sidebar.
Check out the side by side, (new vs. previous) comparison.


OpenTextTM Media Management Integration

World-class creative teams manage asset information throughout its lifecycle. OpenText Media Management (OTMM), a platform for digital asset management, when integrated with ConceptShare, ensures that approved assets are properly stored. Assets tagged ‘Approved’ in ConceptShare are automatically published to OTMM with the appropriate metadata and can be linked to the proper security profiles.


In-App Messages

To help us better train and support new users and announce new features we are introducing a new in-app messaging tool. These unobtrusive messages will provide tips, ask for feedback and tell you about new features.


New Branding

ConceptShare is thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity. The update is part of the evolution of our company since its founding in 2006 and paves the way for how we’re moving forward. The new brand reflects a slick, streamlined creative production process.

Explore the new corporate branding guidelines, and files for download.



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