April 2016 Release Notes

The following list of ConceptShare releases, by version number and date, identify new features, improvements and bug fixes from newest to oldest.


4.18.8 | April 21, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Assets: Upload - Reference File setting not honoured
  • Assets: Uploading two assets at once causes console error
  • Permissions: Actions Appear in Activity Feed for users with Restricted Access
  • Proofing Workspace: Comment with Reference Link to previous version fails to edit
  • Proofing Workspace: Middle-Clicking on breadcrumb creates an empty environment
  • Proofing Workspace: No Tooltips on icons under Versions tab of review panel
  • Settings: Custom Form – Not a Number errors
  • Settings: Custom Forms in Safari/FireFox: Unable to view Date/Time Field
  • Settings: Project Custom Form - Date - Edit - Not showing on other browsers


4.18.7 | April 08, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Activity Feed: Localization not found in deliverable activity feed when removing project member
  • Activity Feed: New User - Replaces New User message on Activity Feed instead of populating a second message
  • Admin panel: Email history doesn't return results
  • API: Can create Enterprise accounts on an OEM instance.
  • Assets: Bulk Webpage Capture not capturing full page
  • Assets: Localization text Missing in the version asset dialog
  • Deliverables: Private Deliverable visible to resources not assigned to the deliverable
  • Proofing  Workspace: Document Lock Navigation In Continuous Scrolling Does Not Update Scroll Position
  • Proofing Workspace: Can make a Reference link to current asset
  • Proofing Workspace: Can't edit replies
  • Proofing Workspace: Compare Lab - Cannot Access Longer Text in Compare Mode
  • Proofing Workspace: In FireFox Copy Review Text Selection Grabs HTML coding
  • Proofing Workspace: Markup placement incorrect on mixed page assets
  • Proofing Workspace: Open / Close document many times eventually causes JS error
  • Proofing Workspace: Reference tool cursor disappears on images with clear sections
  • Proofing Workspace: Reply permissions not re-calculated and updated correctly
  • Proofing Workspace: Text Search Missing loc when no search results found
  • Proofing Workspace: Unable to select text in comment box
  • Proofing Workspace: Versions not appearing in Review side bar
  • Resources: Sort by "Is Team Manager" not recognizing count of teams being managed
  • Reviews: When Editing - Clicking on newly added asset from Asset Explorer exits review
  • Settings: Creating a single use URL for the same resource after its been used generates the same URL
  • Settings: General Users get error message when updating profile
  • Workflow: Second Send Email Action in Automated Workflow Errors


4.18.6 | April 08, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Resources: Removing a Project Resource from a Private Deliverable only makes changes to resources in that project


4.18.5 | April 04, 2016

Bug Fixes:

  • Proofing Workspace/Reviews: Responses constrained to the three selections, Null not a valid entry
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