Adding Account Resources

Click on the Gear Wheel at the top right, and choose Resources in the Dropdown.


This will open the Resources dashboard.
Click on the + icon, this will open the Add User dialogue box.


Enter information in each field to define your New User.

First Name and Last Name: This is where you enter the name of the person who you are inviting to your ConceptShare Account.

Username (Email Address): This is the valid Email address of your new user. This will be the Username they use to log into the system.

Default Project Role: Choose a project role from the drop down to grant permissions for related to what the resource can see and do in a project.  This role will be used as the default role for all projects that this resource is added to.

Account Role: Select a Role from the drop down list to assign the permissions the resource has related to what the resource can do in the ConceptShare account as a whole.

Time Zone:  Set this to the time zone that should be used for this user.  ConceptShare uses time zone to calculate Due Dates and Times appropriately.

Language: Select the appropriate Language for ConceptShare to use. Currently only English is available.

Is User Active: This setting is effectively the "On/Off" switch for the User. If a user is inactive they cannot login to the account.
  • For a new user, when this is unchecked, the User will not receive an email invitation to the system.  When activating them later it is important to resend them an invite.

Click on the Save button to create your New User and Add the Resource to ConceptShare.

As an administrator you may wish to configure your account and setup all your users in advance.  You can do this by keeping the users in an Inactive state.  No notifications will be delivered to them. When you are ready to "Go live" return to the Resources section:

  • Click the top-right chevron of the resource you would like to set to active 
  • Select 'toggle active' from the dropdown 


If you want to send out activation emails to the users:

  • Ensure the resources are selected (Check box)
  • Click Actions again
  • Choose Resend Invite
  • Click Yes


Note: Some ConceptShare accounts leverage the ability to add External Reviewers. External Reviewers are not visible in Resources. For more information on working with External Reviewers please see the article below. 


You now know how to add Resources to your ConceptShare Account. Invite co-workers and clients to your Account and start collaborating with them.

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