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Why Use Mobile?

Providing timely feedback through complex and time sensitive projects is important – even if you’re away from your desk or office. Users who need to review text, image, video or audio files, web pages or HTML5 animation files, can use a web browser from their mobile device.

Who can access the Mobile experience?

All ConceptShare users on Version 4.16.3 or later with a supported device and web access are able to use the ConceptShare Mobile experience.

Are additional permissions needed?

There are no additional permissions to be enabled. However, if your Account Roles do not allow users to post to the Activity Feed that will stop their ability to post to the Feed in mobile.

Are the same notifications generated as in the Desktop interface?

Yes, the same notifications and notification settings (including Digests) are generated from work done in the Mobile experience.

Can I use email links to launch the mobile interface on my phone?

Notifications that direct you to an asset, approval review, or directly to the login screen links will allow you to load the mobile experience. (Project and To-Do notifications are not optimized for mobile.)

What appears in the Mobile Activity Feed?

A log of reviews created, responses submitted, assets added, comments on assets, status changes to an asset and posts to the feed are all available in your Activity Feed. The most recent actions appear at the top of the feed.

What appears in the Mobile My Review Feed?

All approval reviews that you are assigned to by name will appear in the feed. Reviews not started, overdue or not submitted with the most recent creation date will be prioritized to the top. Completed Reviews appear at the bottom of the list. There is also a coloured bar to help you: Gray is not started, Green is complete, Yellow is in-progress, and Red is overdue.

To clarify, feedback reviews and reviews assigned to my role, or team won’t appear in My Reviews?

That is correct. These items are not included in My Reviews so you will want to continue to address these via the desktop, but if you have a need for these, or other features please let us know!

Is there anything I should know about how files will display to mobile users?

Videos will always stream the low rendition when available, otherwise the medium rendition will be used.  Images are clamped at 1500px (i.e. uploading a 4500x4500 image will only send 1500x1500 to the mobile client). This helps improve load times and limit the data needed to review the various assets.

In my desktop reviews I can see other people’s responses and I can select a defer option.

The mobile experience is designed for speed - for providing quick feedback while on the go. If your feedback requires insight into what others have responded with, or you need to defer your response, use ConceptShare from your desktop.

In my desktop I can make draft comments, or publish previously made draft comments, annotate directly on the asset and use the @mention feature. Can I do this from my mobile device?

Creating draft comments, annotating directly on assets and @mentioning are available only through the desktop experience. Users can view annotations made by others on their mobile device.

Enterprise Edition: How do I view my custom form information?

Custom form information is not conveyed within the mobile experience Inspect custom form fields for reviews or assets from your desktop.

Loading a review from the activity feed

When loading a review from the Activity feed it is important to click in a post related to the review (you'll see the blue word Review at the top).

Clicking on an asset thumbnail on a post not related to the Review will open that one asset in the Proofing Workspace. It does not open the Review. We recommend you track and open your reviews from the My Reviews screens to prevent this from happening.

Do standard mobile phone functions work?

Common mobile phone functions can be leveraged with your ConceptShare feedback and reviews: Zoom, Rotate, Video Full screen, Document scrolling, and Swiping for next asset in a review (images only) are available.

I’ve not used approval reviews before. Should I consider it?

Yes!  Approval reviews are an excellent way to achieve a clear approve, or reject response on assets. The review instructions and information provide reviewers with guidance and due dates. Using Approval reviews means that your team can quickly find and complete their work by using the My Reviews screen.

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