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The @ mention feature allows you to send an email message to a resource from within the Proofing Workspace.

From the Proofing Workspace, click to Add Feedback.

Step 1:
In a new piece of feedback, enter the @ symbol and a couple of characters of the resources name (team or individual) the system will populate viable options.  Click on the name of the resource you want.


Step 2:
Type your text after the @mentioned name. This is your message to that resource.  Remember that the comment will also be visible in the Feedback thread and in the Activity Feed. 


Step 3:
Click Publish to finalize the feedback.


Step 4:

The system will send an email to that resource. They can then take action, or provide a reply as per the message you sent. 


You can at mention more that one resource in a single comment.

Note: This is available only on New feedback or Replies.  Activity Feed posts do not allow for emails to be sent when @mentioning.


We have seen this feature used (depending on project permissions):  to gently nudge reviewers to provide feedback, to let the Project Manager know of changes to the asset or timelines, to provide a review link to a resource who wants to look at a review, but  does not need to be a reviewer, along with many other use cases. 



You have at mentioned another team, or individual in ConceptShare. The email they receive from the system makes it quick and easy to action your request and navigate to the asset.


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