What email notifications does ConceptShare generate?

Certain events in ConceptShare trigger email notifications keeping users up to date and notifying them of any work assignments. 

If all of account/personal email notification preferences are set to "on", the following email notifications are sent to ConceptShare users  from 

Account Setup and Access:

  • Account Created (welcome message with account information)
    • Triggered when account is created and sent to instance admin
  • User Created (user invited to ConceptShare account)
    • Triggered when user is created and set to "active"
  • Forgot Password (link to create a new password)
    • Triggered when user clicks "forgot password" link on login page or by account admin


  • Project Archived (email with link to archived files)
    • Triggered when user requests a Project contents be archived
  • Project Invitation (user invited to a Project)
    • Triggered when user is added to a Project


  • Review Invite (invite to submit feedback and/or approvals in a review)
    • Triggered when user is invited to a review 
  • Review reset (review update to reviewer) 
    • Triggered when assets are updated with new versions
  • Review updated (review update to reviewer)
    • Triggered when edits are made to an existing review 
  • Review Completed (review update to review initiator)
    • Triggered when reviewer has completed submitting their feedback/approvals in a review


  • To-do Created (to-do assignment)
    • Triggered when user is assigned a to-do

Reminders: (sent out according to reminder settings enabled)

  • Review due soon (an uncompleted review assigned to you is due soon)
    • Review reminders are selected by Review creator 
  • To-do due soon (an uncompleted to-do assigned to you is due soon) 
    • To-do reminders are selected by To-do creator


  • Asset Created (Asset uploaded to a Project)
    • Triggered when Asset is uploaded to a Project
  • Asset Versioned (New Asset version uploaded to a Project)
    • Triggered when new Asset version is uploaded to a Project


  • User Commented on asset (another user has commented on an Asset) 
    • Triggered when a comment is made on an Asset
  • User replied to comment on asset (another user has replied to a Comment)
    • Triggered when a comment is replied to*

*Users will only be sent this notification if they 1) uploaded the Asset being replied to, 2) made the comment being replied to or 3) previously replied to the comment that is being replied to

Email Digests:

  • Comment Digest: Summary of comments (with related threads) recently made in a project
    • Comment Email Digests can be created by users to be sent in daily or timed formats 
  • Asset: Summary of assets recently updated/added in a project
    • Asset Email Digests can be created by users to be sent in daily or timed formats 

Feedback Summary:

  • Feedback Summary is available (link to Feedback Summary based on criteria outlined by creator)
    • Triggered when user requests a Feedback summary be emailed to them or another email address 

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