Mobile: Providing Feedback

Reviewing content in the mobile interface is quick and easy.

Launch an individual asset, or one that is part of a review and the service will deliver you to the Proofing Workspace.


Step 1

  • Look to see if there are new comments (blue dot on the comment bubble icon) To read them click the bubble to load the comments.

Step 2

  • View annotations made (click a comment and if annotations are available there will be an indicator in the bottom right of that single comment.)
  • Reply to the comment if applicable (click on the curved arrow in the top right.)

Step 3

  • Add a new comments (return to the list of comments and click on the plus icon in the top right)
  • Type your comment and click post so that the other participants can see your feedback.

In this way you can provide your perspective on the readiness of the asset, add your voice to the conversation, and recommend changes.


Providing Feedback in a Review

Alternately, if an approval review has been created you'll be able to launch the asset in its review.  A review has the Proofing Workspace options but, additionally, will have a checkbox icon and a number indicator in the bottom right that flags how many assets are present in this review.


Step 1

Open the Review Info (i) to read the instructions provided and check when this item is due.

Step 2

Review the existing comments and provide your own feedback via replies and new comments as you saw above.

Step 3

Mark each asset with an approval, or rejection response.  A rejection indicates changes need to be made, an approval indicates that this item can proceed as is.

Step 4

Repeat this on each asset in the review.

Step 5

When you provide your approval, or rejection on the last asset in a review, you will be asked to submit your responses.  Submitted responses are locked in, visible to the team and is what is defined as "done".

If you select later, your desired responses are saved in a draft mode, visible only to you.  When you return you can change your responses, or click on the check mark icon and choose submit responses to finalize them and make them visible.

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