Mobile: My Reviews

When you login from a browser on your mobile device you will see the Activity Feed.  Click the options menu on the left to access the main menu.



The Main Menu allows you to navigate between the Activity Feed and My Reviews, or access the sign out button.


Clicking on My Reviews will load all approval Reviews currently assigned to your user. 

Completed reviews are listed at the bottom of the screen, while the most recently created review that requires your responses will be listed at the top of the My Reviews section.


The My Reviews screen offers other visual information to help you rapidly prioritize and provide key feedback and responses. 

  • A coloured bar helps you identify your reviews: Gray is not started, Green is complete, Yellow is in-progress, and Red is overdue. 
  • A progression bar is shown to highlight the number of assets in a review and how many of those assets you have completed.
  • Any new reviews will be flagged
  • Any review with unread feedback will have a bubble indicator that counts the number of unread comments available.

Click on the thumbnail to load the asset in the Proofing Workspace, read the review information and provide your feedback.

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