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When you login from a browser on your mobile device you will see the Activity Feed.


The Activity Feed is a capture of what is happening in your account. The most recent actions always appear at the top. 

The Activity Feed will list the assets and versions uploaded, feedback provided and asset status changes.  It will also highlight when reviews are created, or review responses submitted.

What can I do from the Activity Feed?

To communicate with your team you can post directly to the Feed.

Note: Your account role must include permission to post to the Global Activity Feed enabled.

  • Click the + icon in the top right to create a post. 
  • Type your comment
  • Click Post to publish it.

You can load a review from the activity feed by clicking on a blue Review link.  It will then load the first asset for review in the Proofing Workspace.


From the activity feed, click on any thumbnail to load it in the Proofing Workspace and begin providing your feedback.


The menu button in the top left corner allows you to navigate between the Activity Feed and My Reviews, or access the logout button.



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