December 2015 Release Notes

The following list of ConceptShare releases, by version number and date, identify new features, improvements and bug fixes from newest to oldest.


4.16.2 | December 16, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Mobile: Issue loading Activity Feed resolved
  • Mobile: Going back from a review returns to My Reviews


4.16.0 | December 15, 2015

New Features:

  • Mobile: ConceptShare review and approval interface is now available for your mobile phone.  The interface offers an Activity feed and My Reviews section to provide timely feedback.

Bug Fixes:

  • Asset Upload: Image Settings are not honoured.  Optimization fixed.
  • Asset Upload now maintaining consistent sizing between versions.


4.15.1 | December 3, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • API: Repeated use of Copy Asset will no longer cause failures
  • Activity Feed: Reference Links to Assets display in English instead of HTML
  • Email invitations to multiple users only delivers one email per user
  • Asset versioning on large files will complete even if user attempts to delete file mid-versioning
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