Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating ConceptShare

Use these familiar keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks!
1.    Tab through forms, drop-down menus and radio buttons
2.    Use the arrow keys up/down/left/right to pan image and document files.
3. Navigate video files frame-by-frame 

  • Use the left or right arrow keys to scroll through frames
  • Hold down shift and use the left and right arrow keys to skip one second forward or backwards
  • Use the spacebar to pause and resume video playback
  • Use the down arrow to jump to the end of the video, and the up arrow to return to the beginning
  • Use the delete key to delete markups

4. Navigate multiple page documents page by page

  • Use the mouse wheel to continually scroll through pages
  • Use Page Up to go to the previous page
  • Use Page Down to go to the next page
  • Use Home to go to the first page
  • Use End to go to the end page

5. Markup Tools:
         Use the Delete key to delete selected markup

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