Personal Account Settings: Notifications

Notification Settings allow you to bundle email notifications from ConceptShare into digests so that you can control the volume of emails arriving.

The default is for the system to send you an email per asset or comment added to each Project that you are a part of.

*Depending on your Account Role, you may or may not be able to view or edit Account Settings. Check with your Account Administrator if you want more permissions.

Accessing your User Preferences

To access your User Preferences, click on your profile in the top right Settings section.


Click on the Preferences tab at the top of the Settings screen.


The default is the Preferences for User, but in the drop down you can select Preferences for Notifications.


Creating an Email Digest

Step 1 

Click Add a New Email digest to open the customization dialogue.


Step 2

Choose what type of Email Digest you would like to make Assets, or Comments. *Note if you have disabled notifications for either Assets or Comments then the related Digests will not fire.


Step 3

Enable the digest to make it functional.


Step 4

Choose the frequency for your digest:

Option 1: Daily: Time of Day

This will determine what single time of day you would like to receive the notifications.  Choose your time of day.

Option 2: Timed: Windows of Activity (minutes)

This will determine how often a digest is created based on how active users are in the system. Inactivity is counted down after the last action is taken. Continuous activity recognizes ongoing actions and generates a digest when the flow of activity doesn't stop.

Example:  With the numbers above, if I comment and you comment on an asset and 15 minutes passes, a digest will be created with those two comments.  However, if I comment and you comment and everyone else keeps commenting such that there is never a 15 minute lull, then after 120 minutes a digest will be created with all the comments from the past 2 hours so that we are not too far behind.


Step 5

Save your digest


You can create multiple digests to manage how often you receive notifications related to Assets or Comments. From the ConceptShare side of things there is no upper limit to the number of comments, or asset notifications that can be included in an email digest.



You have configured your Notification Preferences in ConceptShare. Your emails from ConceptShare are now tailored to your needs and preferences and will be applied by default to any new project you are added to.


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