(V4) November 2015 - ConceptShare Update

November 2015 Product Update (V4.4.14.1 and 4.15) for Workgroup, Enterprise and OLP Editions

Release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, are an on-going way we help our customers improve planning, collaboration, and productivity from ‘concept’ to ‘approved’. 

Here are some of the new features and updates we added this month:



NEW FEATURE: Drag and Drop Functionality

We now have drag and drop capabilities for our desktop users - providing faster access to relevant content and streamlining user experience. Drag and drop files from your desktop directly to ConceptShare. Select multiple files, or just one - the Add Files box highlights as an active area as you hover files over it.

NEW FEATURE: Add Files from your Tablet

In addition to this we’ve enhanced efficiency for our customers who work remotely on tablets. Reach ConceptShare through a web browser and upload any number of files from your Photo Libraries, or iCloud Drive to be reviewed and approved.


NEW FEATURE: HTML5 File Format (via ZIP)

ConceptShare has added HTML5 animation files to our list of supported file formats. Our users can now review and approve this type of animation file the same way they do on video files. 

Watch the update video above, or click here for details on How to prepare an Animated HTML5 File for upload.

Click here for a full list of supported file formats


FIXES:"Copy Asset" API

We have improved the Copy Asset processing time.



Our 'Proofing Workspace' (formerly known as the Annotator) will soon debut a new cleaner, simpler, more modern UI - streamlining user experience, enhancing ease-of-use and providing faster access to relevant content. To note, we will be consolidating the markup tools and their properties into the sidebar, providing users more viewing real estate.  We are dropping two of the markup tools: the Ruler and the Eye Dropper. These two tools are more commonly found in design software rather than review and approval software. We may re-introduce these tools in the future.



ConceptShare is deprecating support for IE9.  Which means we will not provide solutions to problems specific to IE9 including security issues, UI issues and bugs affecting functionality, from November 23, 2015 onward.  Please be sure to take steps to move to a more current browser.



Our Development team has flagged a change that needs to be made to ensure the compare mode functions properly post install.
!! This should ONLY be done if your instance is on 4.14.1.

You will need to delete the following file in the website folder: /annotator/compare/default.htm because the installer copies web files over to their destination, but does not purge all existing files minus configs first.



We want to make sure you have the best possible experience with ConceptShare.
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