September 2015 Release Notes

The following list of ConceptShare releases, by version number and date, identify new features, improvements and bug fixes from newest to oldest.

4.13.15 | September 18, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Hiding my completed work on the Work Screen not filtering out completed To-Dos
  • Feedback summary failing for long comments
  • Versioning an Asset duplicates custom Form information on the previous asset
  • Electronic Signatures incorrect for TLS 1.2
  • Review Item Callback IDs incorrect
  • Compare Mode Slider not functioning in Firefox
  • Server Error Reporting Improved


  • Ongoing speed improvements in the Login and Proofing Workspace Areas

4.13.14 | September 9, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Changing status of deliverable changes the owner
  • Long asset names are cut off in the reference asset picker
  • ‘Enter’ key submits comment replies instead of inserting a new line
  • Asset description tooltip with lots of content goes off the screen
  • Making ‘Authorize’ API calls clears uploads in progress

4.13.12 | September 9, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Clicking links on email notifications are resulting in errors

4.13.11 | September 2, 2015

Bug Fixes:

  • Feedback summary reports for non current versions of assets do not generate
  • Feedback summary reports with comments made in PDF with 2-up mode do not generate
  • Feedback Summary download/email links not honouring SSL account setting
  • Missing screen notification about feedback summary email being processed


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