How do I leverage Project Roles?

Project Roles control what users can and cannot do in a Project within ConceptShare. Project Roles can be assigned to resources on a per project basis.  This allows you a great deal of control over who can do what in each project.  Three default Project Roles exist in each account and additional ones can be created and customized. 

Note: Depending on your assigned Account Role, you may or may not be able to view/edit Project Roles.


The Default Project Roles are:

Project Administrator

  • Has complete control over a Project.
  • All permissions are set to YES.


  • Is allowed to view, comment, and reply on all items within a Project.
  • They have all view Permissions except for Resources set to YES, and have all commenting permissions set to YES. Everything else is set to NO.

View Only

  • Is allowed to view all Folders, Assets and Comments in a Project, but nothing else.
  • All View settings are set to YES, everything else is set to NO.


Depending on the structure of your organization you may simply have people in the default roles and not need any customization. Should your organization be more complex, or your Workflow require more precise control over Project Visibility and Permissions, you can create any type of role you need.



You now know what the default Project Roles are, and can consider how to leverage new roles.

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