Proofing Workspace Basics: Providing Feedback

As its primary function, the Proofing Workspace facilitates the gathering and displaying of all feedback and annotations.


Additionally, if a review has been created, you will be able to indicate when you have completed your responses, and whether you approval, or reject the version of the Asset you have been invited to review.

  • Access the Proofing Workspace by clicking on an Asset anywhere in the application, an asset or review link provided via email, or by clicking on the Launch Review option.
  • Open the Feedback Panel on the right
  • Read through any comments provided.


Add to the conversation by replying to existing comments.

  • Click on an individual comment
  • Enter your reply in the box provided
  • Click Post to make it visible to other reviewers

  • Click the plus symbol under the Feedback Tab
  • Type in your comment
  • Use the markup tools to clarify your comment
  • Click Publish to make it visible to other reviewers in the comments section
  • A green Feedback Published box will appear, indictating your comment has been published and is visible to other users
  • Continue to add additional new comments and annotations




You now know the basics of providing Feedback on Assets in the Proofing Workspace.

For more detailed information about the Proofing Workspace and its tools, please see the related articles in this section.


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