Smart Folders

Smart Folders are preconfigured searches that allow users to access items in ConceptShare based on preset search criteria. They appear in the Left-hand Navigation Panel.

The samples above are Smart Folders containing; 

  • All Reviews with the Status Completed
  • All Digital Assets
  • All Projects the user is the owner of
  • All Projects with the status of In Progress

Smart Folders can either be visible to all users in the account, or only visible to the creator and any users/teams they invite to share the folder.

Step 1

Click Settings in the top right, then click the Account option.

Step 2

Click on Smart Folders.


Step 3

Click the Add button.

This will open the Add Smart Folder dialogue box.

Step 4

Enter the information the Smart Folder will search for.

Smart Folder Options:

  • Name: Try to make the moniker unique and indicative of its contents
  • Private vs. Public: Smart Folders can be either Public (seen by all users in the account) or Private (Only visible to the Smart Folder creator and any users they choose to include).
  • Type:  The Smart folder can search ONE of:
    • Projects
    • Assets
    • Reviews 
    • Deliverables 
    • To-dos
  • Search Text: text found in the name field of the element 
  • Tags: items that have a matching tag
  • After: all items created AFTER the entered date
  • Before: all items created BEFORE the entered date
  • Status: all items in the selected status 

Only on some forms:

  • Due Date (All Types except Asset)
  • Project (Type = Asset, Deliverable, To-Do)
  • Asset Type (Type = Asset)
  • Phase (Type = Deliverable)
  • Assigned to (Type = To-Do) *name will appear in the Selected box when chosen.

*You can populate one or multiple fields, but be aware that all criteria are AND criteria.

For example: If a user enters two tags in the Tag field (2014 and Program, for example) the Smart Folder will only collect items tagged with "2014" AND "Program".  If the name required the word Launch it would need to meet all three criteria to appear in your smart folder.

Users can only edit Smart Folders that they themselves created not ones created by others and made public, or private ones shared to them.

Step 1

Click the chevron on the right of the Smart Folder you would like to edit.



Step 2 

Select edit from the drop down menu to open the same options to update as when you created the smart folder.

Step 3
To share one of your Private Smart Folders, click Manage Shared Users.  Enter the person, or team you would like to share with.  Shared smart folders can only be viewed by the other parties.  They can not edit nor remove that folder from their view.

To remove a share from your smart folder, manage shared users again and click the X beside the resource name and save.

Why did my folder not find items with one of the two search words requested?

*These searches are AND based, meaning they have to meet ALL criteria to be part of the Smart Folder. 

Why can I not see the Smart Folder my manager created for me?

*Smart Folders can be either Public (see be all users in the account) or Private (Only visible to the Smart Folder creator and any users they choose to include).   The manager would either need to make the smart folder public, or manage the users for the private smart folder to give you visibility.

Will I see all items in the account or only ones created after I made the Smart Folder?

*Smart Folders are retroactive. A newly created Smart Folder will search all items in the account including those created before the Smart Folder.  Obviously, only items you have permission to see will appear.

Why can I not edit a Smart Folder in my list?

*If you didn't create a Private Smart folder you can not edit it; you will need to contact the creator of the Smart Folder.  If you do not have permissions to edit Public Smart folders you will not be able to edit those Smart Folders.

There are tags in the comments on an asset, but my Asset Smart Folder is empty.  Why?

*Smart Folders cannot see feedback hashtags.  A tag set on an asset can be seen by clicking the Info on the asset itself.

How do I create a Smart Folder that looks for the tag "SuperBowl" on my projects and my assets?

*Smart Folders can only be of one Type.  You would need to create a smart folder for Projects and a Smart Folder for Assets.  Alternately, if you rarely need to find these tags you might prefer to use the Advanced Search function which will let you select which elements to look for.


You now know how to create Smart Folders in ConceptShare. This will make it much easier to find the Projects, Assets, Deliverables, To-Dos and Reviews that you are looking for.

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