The Compare Tool

The Compare Tool allows users to do a comparison of asset versions or related assets.

Open the asset you would like to compare in the Proofing Workspace.


Click the Compare button at the bottom-left.

This will launch the Compare view



Click to select what you would like to compare from the dropdown menu.


  • Related Assets - Compare to another asset in the Project
  • Versions - Compare to previous asset version of the asset
  • In This Review - Compare to another asset in the Review

The Assets available to you will be populated in the Asset Explorer.

Select the asset/version you would like to compare.

This will launch the Compare Mode.

Open the review.


In the Review section of the Proofing Workspace there are two buttons: Responses and Versions


Click on Versions to see a listing of all previous versions for this asset.


Click on the double arrow beside the version that you want to compare to the current asset.


Select two assets and click the more options button


Choose Compare and the Compare Mode will open.

Feature Tour

Toggle between vertical and horizontal compare views:

Horizontal View: Compare assets horizontally



Vertical View: Compare assets vertically



Split View: Move slider to compare changes either vertically or horizontally



Show Pixel Differences: Highlights each pixel that is different from one asset to another



Lock Navigation: Allows you to match zooming and scrolling on both assets

Markers: Show areas of the asset where feedback has been given (only available on certain asset types)

Expand/Collapse Side Panel: Show side panel to view feedback and asset info. Hide side panel for additional space to compare assets.



You are now able to compare asset versions and related assets in the Proofing Workspace.  This can help you confirm which changes were made between versions, ensure branding, or other symmetries between assets are accurate, or confirm that all the requested feedback has been accomplished.

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