Proofing Workspace - Intro

The Proofing Workspace is a tool for annotating and marking up your Assets. This tool allows for the collaborative communication between users on a specific asset. The Proofing Workspace is the core component in Reviews.

For more details on the different Annotation tools for various asset types see the Further Reading section at the bottom.

Access the Proofing Workspace by clicking on an Asset anywhere in the application, or by launching a Review.

Note: the visible options will reflect your permissions in this Project.



The Navigation options help you to quickly move to other parts of the service
  • Breadcrumbs to easily access other levels of the Project structure. In this sample clicking a link in the breadcrumb would take you to the following places: Project/Deliverable/Asset/Asset Folder
  • Click the X to exit
  • For multiple page assets the top center will feature a page selector
  • For multiple page assets the top right will feature display options - single page vs two page view, or single page scrolling view.

The Proofing Workspace contains a Properties panel on the right side of the screen. The Properties panel contains two sections, or adds a third accessing it from a review:



Click here to be able to access the various Annotation Tools and offer specific comments on this asset.



This will be visible if you are loading the Proofing Workspace in the context of a review.  Click here to access the Review responses, or to see previous versions of the asset and responses.

  • Responses:
    • You can Approve, Reject, or Defer the Asset in an Approval Review, or Complete your feedback in a Feedback Review.
    • The list of other reviewers will be listed and if their responses have been submitted, you can view those responses and date stamps.
    • The versions tab provides a view to all previous versions of this asset and the responses received on those previous versions.
    • It includes links to Open the older version or compare the older version to the current version in the Compare Lab.
  •   Options:
    • Open: will allow you to navigate to other reviews in the system
    • Edit: This will allow you to update the information for this Review
    • Info: View the settings used when generating this Review, including the instructions and Due Date.
    • Submit Responses: If a response has been provided, submit to finalize the response and make it public to the other reviewers.
    • Resend Review Invitations: will let you send review emails to individual reviewers
    • Global Approval: An option to override or summarize responses on this asset to indicate that it is approved. This will lock out other reviewers responses.
    • Global Reject: An option to override or summarize responses on this asset to indicate that it is not approved.  This will lock out other reviewers responses.

Click here to view any feedback posted, and sort or filter that feedback.

Click the Filter icon to filter Comments, either by selecting the filter options individually, or using a previously saved filter. These options also include the ability to save a filter to use again and again.


  • Save a new filter criteria: Select the criteria you wish to apply, both filters and sorting. Click outside the filter box and you will see the Filter Options with your selected criteria. Click the floppy disk icon to name and click it again to Save your Filter.
  • Sorting: This will allow you to organize the comments in the manner that is most valuable to you. Click on the desired sort option and indicate whether it should be sorted in Ascending, or Descending order.

  • Options:

    • Publish all Feedback: If you have draft comments in the comments feed you can publish them all by clicking here.
    • Mark all Feedback as Read:This will update the read status on the comments. (You'll notice the little blue dots indicating read status will be removed.)
    • Feedback Summary: Access a PDF report with information and feedback on this Asset. If the Asset is part of a Review, the summary can include Version information with feedback.

Click here to see the upload information for this asset, and other options.


  • Options:
    • Edit: This will allow you to update the information for this Asset
    • Download: Download a copy of this Asset to your desktop
    • Compare: Launch the Compare mode so that you can see this Asset in side-by-side view to a related Asset or a previous Version
    • Status: Update the Status on the Asset based on the custom entries created for your Account
    • Lock: This allows no further annotations on the Asset until it is unlocked.

Collapse: Collapse or expand the properties panel

Markers: For assets that support markers, display pointers on the image wherever annotations have been made.

Slider Zoom: The slider allows you to smoothly move in and out to adjust your view of an asset

Default Zooms: The chevron contains three default zoom levels allowing you to quickly snap back to a preferred presentation of the asset. Actual Size, Fit to screen, or Fit to width.


Asset Explorer: The asset explorer opens the view at the bottom of the screen that displays thumbnails of other related assets.

!Note: If viewing this section from a review the asset explorer will be constrained to assets in that review.


Compare Lab: The Compare Lab can be launched from this button allowing you to compare the asset currently open with other versions of itself, or related assets in the same project.

Providing Feedback

Contributing effective feedback is a core function towards completing a project and the development of a final Asset. Often feedback is gathered as part of a review, whether formal or informal to allow reviewers to clearly indicate when they are done perusing the asset(s).

The Proofing Workspace’s wide array of annotation tools can be used to provide accurate feedback on any kind of asset. Check out the different Annotation Tool articles in this section for more information about the Proofing WorkSpace's capabilities.



You now understand the basic functions of the Proofing Workspace. For more information on all the tools the Proofing Workspace offers, see the Further Reading selections below.


Further Reading

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