Video Markup Tools

In Addition to Graphic Markup Tools, there are special tools for marking up video assets.


The Film Strip tool will depicts a frame by frame view of video files.


Below the Film Strip you will find the usual Asset Explorer Folder, the Compare icon and the Zoom Slider and default Zoom settings.

Above the Film Strip is:

Digital Timer: to track your progression through the video

Playback speed controller:  to control the speed the video plays at

Rewind, Play and Fast Forward buttons: to navigate to the appropriate portion

Volume Settings: to ensure that the audio content can be reviewed along with the visuals

Settings: allows you to Loop Video, view Fullscreen, and Display Safe Areas according to a subset of options.

When adding Feedback on a Video the screen provides a digital timer reading and allows you to Span Frames for Commenting.

Click the Span Frames box, then select the timeline by using the scrubbers at the bottom and add your feedback.


You have the option to watch video in full screen. Use the Proofing Workspace as a screening room on your desktop or tablet, select your Esc option, return to the Proofing Workspace and add feedback any time.

To access this option, select Settings > Fullscreen.

You can also control the playback using industry-standard keyboard shortcuts:

  • Navigate frame-by-frame using left and right arrow keys
  • Hold down left or right arrow keys to scroll through frames
  • Hold down shift and use the left and right arrow keys to skip one second forward or backwards
  • Use the spacebar to pause and resume video playback
  • Use the down arrow to jump to the end of the video, and the up arrow to return to the beginning



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