How do I quickly find things?


There are a number of ways for users to find things in ConceptShare. 




Sort listed items by clicking on individual column titles.

In the example below, we can alphabetically sort: names, email addresses, account roles, active state.  



Click on the Filter button at the top of the screen to open the Filter Search field.


In this sample: The Search field filters existing items by name 

Date fields filter items based on specific time frames

Status filters items in a specific state (not started, in progress, completed) 

To remove the filters from a list, click the Clear All or Reset button at the bottom.


The Proofing Workspace also includes sort, filter options and saveable filters for the feedback.

Create the view you want using names, flags, resolutions, names, roles, replies, links, or unread feedback. 

Further, the Proofing Workspace allows users to save their custom filters.

To do this, in the filter options section click the floppy disk icon to name and save your filter.

  • Typing your query in the Search Anything field will list results directly below
  • Clicking Advanced Search will expose additional criteria to narrow your search


  • Type your query in the Search For field. You can Search in All Projects, or select a Project in the Search In field.
  • You can Filter your Search by selecting specific areas within ConceptShare, or by Project Title, Description, Custom Forms and Tags.

A Smart Folder is a pre-configured search in ConceptShare. This allows users to find items without having to manually enter search criteria for them each time. You can store projects, deliverables, assets, to-dos or review results in Smart Folders. 

To see the results, click on the name of the Smart Folder.

Click refresh to update the results, or use sorting or the filter to narrow the results further.

  • With the right user permissions users are able to create Smart Folders.

 Step 1

Click the Settings Gear in the Top Right Corner, select Smart Folders from the dropdown menu.

 Step 2

Click the "+" button to open the Add Smart Folder dialogue box.


Step 3

Enter the criteria the Smart Folder will search for.

  • Smart Folders can be either public (seen by everyone) or private (only seen by you and users you choose to share with).
  • Smart Folders are built on AND criteria so if an item meets one search parameter, but not another the item will not appear in the Smart Folder.



Now you know how to arrange, sort and filter your views in ConceptShare and quickly find items you are looking for based on a key word, or refine your search to isolate the information you need in a more Advanced Search.

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