How do I quickly find things?

In ConceptShare, regardless of the number of Projects, Reviews, Deliverables and To-Dos you have in the system, you will always find what you're looking for with Grids, Lists, Views and the robust Search and Advanced Search.


In List view, Sort by clicking on individual column titles. Here we can sort by Name, email address or Role. Note the alphabetical order of the example below.



Click on the Filter button at the top of the screen to open the Filter Search field.



Click in the Search field and type a name to search for.

Use the date filters to constrain the time.

Status to isolate "Not Started", "In Progress" or "Completed"

To remove the filters from a list, click the small X at the end of the Search filter line.

  • Click the Search Anything field located at the top of the Navigation Panel. Type your query. A list of results is generated directly below.
  • To filter and/or see more criteria in regards to Search, click the See more / Advanced option. This will open the Advanced Search dialogue box.

  • Type your query in the Search For field. You can Search in All Projects or select a Project in the Search In field.
  • You can Filter your Search by selecting specific areas within ConceptShare, or by Project Title, Description, Custom Forms and Tags.

What is Advanced Search?

The Advanced Search is a quick way of finding something in your Account. It can be handy if you know something is being worked on, but you're not sure what the status is.

For more detailed information on Advanced Search, check out this article.

Results of the Advanced Search will populate the screen with item name and type. Click on the item to access it's location within the application.


A Smart Folder is a pre-configured search in ConceptShare. This allows users to keep items handy that they often need without having to search for them. You can store projects, deliverables, assets, to-dos and reviews in Smart Folders.

  • Smart Folders can be either public (seen by everyone) or private (only seen by you and users you choose to share with).
  • With the right user allowances you are able to create customized Smart Folders.

To create a Smart Folder:

 Step 1

Click on the Gear in the Top Right Corner, then select Smart Folders.


 Step 2

Click on the Plus button to open the Add Smart Folder dialogue box.



 Step 3

Enter the criteria you want the Smart Folder to search for.

*Remember that Smart Folders are built on AND criteria so if it meets one parameter, but not another it will not appear in your results.


Now you know how to arrange, sort and filter your views in ConceptShare and quickly find items you are looking for based on a key word or refine your search to isolate the information you need in a more Advanced Search.

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