How Can I Access Reviews I am a part of?

If you are invited to participate in a Feedback or Approval Review, you can access the Review in a few ways: 

  • From a link in an email notification
  • From the MyReviews screen
  • From the Work screen
  • By accessing the Review from the Project it belongs to.
  • By launching it from the Activity Feed
  • From a Smart Folder created for Reviews
  • In the mobile experience, from the My Reviews screen 

Note: Guest/External Reviewers are only able to access a review by clicking the link in the email message inviting them to the review or the MyReviews screen. 

See below for step-by-step instructions on the first four options:


Step 1

Open the email from 

Step 2

Click the link to your review.

Step 3

If the email link is pre-authenticated it will log you in as the user the email was sent to and load your review.  If the email is not pre-authenticated you will be brought to the login page.  Enter your login credentials or use the Single sign on option (if enabled for your account) and then your review will load. 

Step 1

You can access Reviews you are a part of through the My Reviews screen.  Click on My Reviews in the Navigation Panel.


Step 2

All the reviews you are currently assigned to are displayed here.


Step 3

Click the desired card to launch the Review in the Proofing Workspace.

Step 1

You can access Reviews you, your role or team are a part of through the Work screen. Click on Work in the Navigation Panel.


Step 2

All the items you are currently assigned to (directly, assigned to you, your role, or to your team) are displayed here. This includes all Reviews and To-Dos.


Sort by the column headers, or use the filter to find the Review you want to open. 

Step 3

Click the Name of the review to launch directly into the Proofing Workspace.

Step 1

Click Projects in the Navigation Panel.

This will open the Projects dashboard, displaying a list of all Projects you are currently involved in, or have permission to see.

Step 2

Open the Project that contains the review you are participating in.


Step 3

ReviewsDash.PNGClick the Reviews tab at the top of the screen.  Then click on the name of the Review to launch the Proofing Workspace.


You can now quickly access your Reviews . 

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