On-Premise Installation - Technology Requirements

This Document provides general information about the required hardware and software to setup a typical ConceptShare deployment.  This document does not account for multiple server or high-availability environments.


  • CPU - Quad Core at 2.66GHz or better
  • Memory - 4GB or better
  • Storage - 250GB RAID1 configuration
  • Gigabit Ethernet or better

NOTE: The above is base hardware requirements. Some implementations may require larger requirements. Our Sales Engineering team will work with you to determine any such requirements.

NOTE: These specifications are for image review, or light video review, and supporting roughly 50 concurrent users. The amount of video content and the amount of concurrent users can increase the requirements.

The system is architected so that separate servers can be used for the database, queue server, and web application. Load-balancers are also supported.

ConceptShare can run in a virtualized (VM) environment if your infrastructure supports it.

The setup and maintenance of the servers, load balancers, and general infrastructure health is the responsibility of the client.

The following software, roles and/or features are required to be installed.  If you are separating your infrastructure into different servers, the server requiring the given software will be noted in brackets.

  • [All] Windows Server 2008 or better
  • [All] Features: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • [Queue, Web] Role: Web Services (IIS) with the following minimum service role services.
    • Common HTTP Features (Static Content, Default Document)
    • Application Development (ASP.NET)
    • Security (Windows Authentication, Request Filtering)
    • Performance (Static Content Compression)
  • [Queue] Microsoft Office 2010 Professional or better
  • [Queue] Internet Access is required on the server with Flash Player installed on the default browser (IE) The Flash player is required for flash uploads, or web capture of pages containing flash.
  • [DB] SQL Server 2008 Edition or better (instance can be shared)

Depending on your deployment type you may be required to provision a domain name to resolve requests to the ConceptShare installation. You can use an IP address and hostname to resolve to a ConceptShare installation, but if you have externally facing clients (public) they may have issues accessing your site.

Most ConceptShare installations consist of a single account (domain). However, in some reseller scenarios, multiple accounts are supported. In such cases you will either need to provision each domain as needed or make use of a wildcard domain (i.e. *

Domain purchasing, registration, configuration and mapping to the appropriate servers is the responsibility of the client.

SSL Certificate Requirements:

Similarly if SSL support is desired or required, it is the responsibility of the client to provision the appropriate certificates from authorized certificate authorities and apply them to the IIS website.

NOTE: SSL certificates must be digitally signed by an authorized governing body. Self-signed certificates can be problematic for some browsers, particularly when uploading assets. ConceptShare does NOT support self-signed certificates and using them is at your own risk.

ConceptShare, as a minimum, requires an SMTP server to send email and an email address to place in the “From” header for email messages. 



You have confirmed the technical requirements for establishing your On Premise deployment.


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