(V4) July 2015 - ConceptShare Update

July 2015 Product Update (V4.13.2) for Workgroup, Enterprise and OLP Editions

Release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, are an on-going way we help our customers improve planning, collaboration, and productivity from ‘concept’ to ‘approved’. 

Watch this video to see new features added this month.


Here are some of the new features and updates we added this month.

  • Enhanced Asset Explorer with Review Information
  • The Asset Explorer now expands and collapses to display numerous rows of Assets. 

There are also more Review features within the Asset Explorer:
     •    the title of the review
     •    the number of assets within the Review
     •    the number of assets left to review
     •    an "Edit" icon to edit the Review (if you have permissions to Edit)
     •    an "Info" icon to open the Review Information dialogue box
     •    a total count for each type of response on Asset thumbnails
     •    Global Reject and Global Approve on Asset thumbnails

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