Creating and Managing Teams

Teams form important organizational groups in ConceptShare.  They can be created for shared work, organizational structure or shared communications.  

What is a Team?

In ConceptShare, Teams are groups of users who share the same Project Role. Teams can be based on organization function, eg. Legal Team, or Compliance Team, or job function, eg. Video Producers, or Photo Retouchers.

Users can be added or removed from Teams. Team members can be part of other Teams. Teams can be added to Projects, Reviews, Deliverables, etc.

One of the most common uses of Teams is when you need someone from an organizational department involved in a Project, for example, Legal, but you don't require any one specific person.  In this case, add a Legal Team to your Project; anyone from the Legal Team can take ownership of the Work item assigned. 

Teams are created on the Resources screen. Click on Resources in the Settings Cog to open the Resources screen. 


Toggle the check box beside Show Teams located at the top left of the screen. When you first begin, the only item visible will be Everyone.  Everyone is not an assignable Team. Everyone is an aggregation of all the users within ConceptShare.

To create a Team click on the Plus icon at the bottom of the Teams column.  This will open the Add Team dialogue box.

Name: Give the Team a name.  You should ensure that the name is unique, so you can easily identify it.  It is recommended that the name not be identical to any Role names.

Default Project Role: Select a role from the available roles created in your Account.  The application will assign this role when the team is added to a project.

Description: It's a best practice to include descriptions. Descriptions provide a long term understanding of the purpose of Teams assignments in the application.  

Click on the Save button.

If you need revise a Team Name or Structure, click on the Team Name. Click on the Actions button and select Edit or; select the pencil icon at the bottom of the Team column.

This will open the Edit Team dialogue box. Make the edits required. Click on the Save button when your changes are completed.

Team_addResource.PNGTo add Resources to a Team, click on the name of the Team to be updated. Type a name, or email address in the Add User field and click on the correct selection

Resources can also be added to Teams by clicking on Everyone in the Teams column. Click on the name of each person you wish to add to the Team.  Click on the More button and select Teams. Select the Team name(s) you wish to add the selected people to. 


Click the chevron in the corner of your resource to select Teams and then uncheck any teams they should no longer be a part of. If you are doing this action from the team view you will also be given the option to Remove from Team.

Alternately, when you are looking at the list of everyone on a particular team you can select a given user(s) and click More and then again Remove from team or click on Teams and uncheck the team(s) that they should no longer a part of.


You now know how to setup Teams for your organization.  This is a valuable skill that allows you to provide organizational clarity and make assigning work in ConceptShare efficient.

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