Customize ConceptShare - Order of Operations

As you setup your ConceptShare Account you will find that some elements are dependent on others.  For example, if you want to create a Project, there is a Template option, but it is difficult to leverage if no templates have been created. Likewise, inside a New Project or Template you might wish to track progress, but would need items populated in Phases to do so.  These customization options mean that, as an Administrator, you will want to customize your Account. We offer these suggestions for the order to approach your customization.

Note: This Job Aid does not address the installation of On Premise deployments, nor anything that requires access to /adminpanel. 

ConceptShare Settings

Begin customizing your Account by clicking on the Cog next to your Name in the top Right Corner of the screen. This opens up the following menu.

Each of the items has its own Job Aid in this forum. This is the suggested order in which to set up each item. Feel free to skip any items that are not relevant to your specific use case, or edition of ConceptShare.

Suggested Order of Operations:

Branding: Begin here to establish the visual connection for all of your users to ConceptShare by adding a Company logo. 

Settings: Establish the default account options applied to your users as they are created.

Account Roles:Determine the user's access to the settings you are currently establishing.

Project Roles:Determine your user's access and permissions to apply to individual projects.

Return to the Navigation Panel. Click on Resources. This will open the Resources screen.

Setup Teams: These are organizational units of users.  Teams may match user Roles in the organization, Roles in ConceptShare, or match a specific component of the production process.

Return to the Navigation Panel. Click on Settings. Click on the Settings icon. 

Statuses/Phases: These allow a light level of project management tracking as your projects progress in ConceptShare.

Custom Forms (Enterprise Edition): Establish the track data that is important to your company to record against the various elements in ConceptShare.
Feedback Flags: Establish the markers to apply to categorize feedback in the Proofing Workspace
Feedback Flag Resolutions: Establish the resolution markers that can be applied to Feedback Flags.

Workflows (grandfathered feature - Enterprise Edition):Workflows allow you to automate common tasks and designate a process for your projects and deliverables to follow.

Project Templates:Templates allow you to reduce work and ensure compliance when users setup a project. Create as many templates as will commonly be leveraged.

Smart Folders: Establish common search criteria to be saved for quick, easy access.  Either accessed by you (private *can be shared with others later) or by all users in ConceptShare (public).

SAML: (Enterprise Edition) This allows you to establish single sign on with your existing Identity Management system.

Account Callbacks:(Enterprise Edition)Setup GET or POST calls to notify your systems of events in ConceptShare

The only item remaining to setup is your own personal settings and preferences.  Beside the tab that you've been working in (Under Account then Settings) are the other two tabs we will tackle to finish your setup of the Account.

Profile:Ensure your profile information is accurate and upload a photo.

A) Preferences for User: Adjust the settings you want applied to your own login to ConceptShare
B) Preferences for Notifications: Create Email Digests to govern the emails you receive regarding comments and replies, or assets from ConceptShare.



In moving through these steps you have successfully customized ConceptShare for your company!  You are ready to begin inviting users!


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