Grandfathered - Creating a To-do

If you have a specific action that needs to be done to advance your Project you can create a To-do to assign a specific activity with a due date for someone to complete.  A To-do can be thought of as a way to assign, schedule and manage a task.


To-dos are a tool available inside Projects and Deliverables. In this instance we will look at the ones assigned to Projects.

Step 1

Click  Projects in the Navigation Panel.


 Step 2

Click on the name of the project to open it.  You will land on the Activity Feed.

 Step 3

Click the To-dos tab at the top of the screen.

 Step 4

Click the Plus button. This will open the Add To-do dialogue box.

Enter a name for your To-do and choose an assignee.

Step 5

Click More options to add custom settings to your To-Do.


The code will be auto-populated.

Add instructions to be certain the assigned party knows what is expected of them.

Use the status to keep track of the progression of this To-Do.

Add a due date and time to help keep your project on schedule.

Add reminders (up to four) to send emails at timed points so long as this item is not marked completed.


Step 6

After you have set the options you need, click the Save button to create the To-do.   
An email notification is sent to the assignee, or team with a link to the To-do. The To-do will also appear on the assignee's Work Screen. When the assignee has completed the task, they can update the status of the To-do by setting the Status to CompletedThis will remove the To-do from their Work Screen.

The To-do dashboard allows you to see a list of all To-dos for this project that you are participating in or have visibility to. It also allows you to Edit, Update Status, or Delete your To-dos.

Select the check box to the left of a To-do and click the Edit button.

  • Edit: Takes you to the Edit To-do dialogue box where you can change all of the same information you did in the New To-do dialogue box.
  • Update Status: Displays the three statuses in the expanded menu and you can select one to update your To-do.  (Not Started, In Progress, Completed)
  • Delete: Selecting this will remove the To-do and all of its information from ConceptShare. This cannot be undone, so make sure you are confident that you no longer require the To-do before selecting Delete.  To-dos that have been finished should not be deleted, but should instead have their status updated to Completed.


You now know how to create a To-do in ConceptShare enabling you to assign tasks to your team. 

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