Completing a To-do (grandfathered function)

Being assigned a to-do that means you have been tasked with an activity that, when completed will move your team closer to completing the project you are working on. 

 Checking on the Status of a To-do

To view your to-do(s) click Work in the navigation panel.


  • The default view of the Work screen will list all items which have yet to be completed. 
  • You can use the Filters at the top of the screen to reduce your view to only those items you wish to see.
  • Assuming you have finished your Work, you can select Completed from the Status drop down list to Complete your To-do.  You can also multi-select items and use the action to change the Status on all selected items at once.


  • Alternately, click on the To-do name to open the item, review the To-Do information


Select the Actions button and choose Edit to access the Status and complete the task, or simply return to the ToDo Dashboard to update it from the Status dropdown arrow.


  • If you have many To-Do items for a specific Project, open the Project and click the To-Do tab at the top of the screen. 
  • This will display a list of all To-Dos. Select one or many To-dos to update the status on by toggling the check the box to the left of the name(s) of the To-Dos.
  • Click on the Actions button and select Update Status. Then select Completed from the list to Complete your To-do(s).
  • Always finish the full contents of each To-Do before marking it completed.


You have completed the items assigned to you to ensure this project moves forward in a timely manner.

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