Account Roles

Your Account Role defines what you can and cannot do within the ConceptShare Account.

ConceptShare allows you to have a single Account Role assigned to each user controlling their permissions.  New roles can be created to provide a high level of control over access to your ConceptShare account.

Viewing Account Roles


Click on Settings, then click the Account Roles option.

This opens the Account Roles screen.


ConceptShare comes pre-configured with two Account Roles and these cannot be edited. They are:

  • Account Administrators: This Role provides complete control over an Account. All options are toggled Yes.
  • General Users: Users in this role can only access items granted by their Project Role and are unable to Administer any of the Account.  All options are toggled No.

Click the small + at the bottom of the list of Account Roles.  This will open the Add Role dialogue box.

Enter a name for the Role and click the Save button. (The Code field will auto populate.)

The newly defined Account Role will appear in the list of Account Roles.  If you need to edit, or delete a Role, click on the Pencil, or the Trash icons respectively beside the + at the bottom of the list of Account Roles.

By default, your new Account Role will have all of its Permissions pre-set to No. To change these you will need to Edit the Role.


In Brief:

  • Click on the name of the custom Account Role you wish to modify
  • Click on the Edit button.
  • Toggle each permission Yes or No as is appropriate for this Role
  • Click Save.

What do all the Settings Mean?
Each of the Permissions associated with your Account Role control what that Role can and can’t do within the ConceptShare Account and are managed by toggling Yes or No.  These Permissions are:

  Determine if this role should be able to create/edit/delete Resources from the Account.  Likewise, if people assigned this Role should be able to change a user's email address, (which is also their login).  Finally, should they be able to change another user's password?


  Should people in this role have the ability to create/edit/delete teams?


These settings address what options will be visible to users when they click Settings then Account

A quick capture of what each of these options addresses is enclosed, but it is highly recommended that you refer to the individual Job Aids, or your Account Administrator for specifics on the contents of each option before enabling it.

  • Callbacks: Are used to setup integrations between ConceptShare and other systems
  • Account Workflows:  Should this user have the ability to view the history of Project Workflows (automation) running on the account as well as Pause, Resume or Restart them.
  • Account Settings: Ability to adjust the default settings for your account (Logins, Passwords, Time/Date, etc.)
  • Project Roles: Ability to create/edit/delete new Roles that control how your users interact with the contents of a project.
  • Branding: Ability to change the logo, favicon and naming of the account.
  • Statuses/Phases: Ability to create, edit, or remove Asset Statuses, Deliverable Phases, Project Phases.  These are subcategories that can be applied to each of those objects to aid in Project Management.
  • Workflow Templates: Ability to create/edit/delete the Automation that can be generated for Projects, or Deliverables in the account. (Note: this is only applicable for Enterprise Edition Customers)
  • Project Templates: Ability to create/edit/delete forms with pre-populated information for creating Projects
  • Public Smart Folders: Ability to create/edit/delete custom search folders that are visible to everyone  
  • Private Smart Folders: Ability to create/edit/delete custom search folders that are visible to that user and anyone they add to the folder
  • Custom Forms: Ability to create/edit/delete Custom Forms for the various ConceptShare objects.  Custom Forms allow you to gather information that is important to your organization (often called Meta-Data). (Note: this is only applicable for Enterprise Edition Customers)
  • Manage SAML settings: The ability to make updates to your security assertion markup language configuration used for single sign on.
  • Personal Preferences: Should the user be able to manage their own preferences on the account.  This addresses items like Notifications, Time format, Email Digests, etc.


Ability to create/delete Projects in ConceptShare. Note: In order to be able to Edit, or Delete Projects, that are not owned by you, your Role must also have the See all Projects permission applied.


The final Permission controls whether this Role can post directly on the Account’s Activity Feed. This is at the account level as opposed to the Activity Feed available for each project.  You can find more information on using the Activity Feed in the Job Aid: Activity Feeds


I have been added as an Account Administrator, but there is a user whose role I cannot modify. Why can I not update them?

A) If that user is an "instance admin" you will be unable to adjust their settings. An Instance Admin is the same as an Account Admin except that an Instance Admin can access the a background /AdminPanel for the account.

To verify if this is the case, please send an email to with your account URL and the email of the user you are trying to modify. 

How do I change an existing resource to a new Account Role?

A)To update an existing resource(s):

  • Click Resources in the Settings
  • Select the user chevron in the top right corner
  • Choose Change Account Role
  • Select the new Account Role
  • Click Yes



Your Account Roles have now been established. This will make sure that the people you invite to the account have exactly the permissions they need to complete their jobs effectively.

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