Branding your ConceptShare Account helps to visually associate it with your organization, which helps reinforce your brand for employees and people outside your organization, like agencies and customers. 

How do I Brand my Account

There are several areas which you can Brand, or personalize ConceptShare. 

To replace the ConceptShare defaults, click on Settings in the Navigation Panel, followed by the Account tab at the top of the screen.

Click on Branding will open the Branding Settings screen.

You will see a number of sections you can edit.

The first section is the large logo on the Login screen, shown below.

To change the logo, in the logo section, click on the Change button.  Navigate to the logo file on your computer and select it to be uploaded. Click on the Save/apply button.

As noted it should be a PNG file with transparency with a maximum size of 600x600 pixels. The logo will be automatically resized to 50% of its true size to improve readability on mobile devices (specifically retina displays).

The name will be used as the name for the browser tab.

To Replace the ConceptShare text at the top of the Navigation Panel, click on Header Text.
Select to Use Text and enter the desired text, or Use Logo and click on the Save/apply button.
This will use the logo from the logo section resized to fit into the header (maximum width of 250 pixels). Anything smaller than the maximum width will be centered horizontally in the header with even padding on all sides.
To Replace the ConceptShare Favicon (shown in the browser screen or tab), click on the Change button. Navigate to the favicon file (maximum 2 GB) on your computer and select it to be uploaded. Click on the Save/apply button.  The final image will be displayed as 16x16 pixels.



You now know how to personalize your version of ConceptShare to reflect your brand.

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