(V4) January 2015 - ConceptShare Update

ConceptShare Features Update
January 2015

Every month, we release updates, upgrades, fixes and new features for ConceptShare V4, to make sure we’re helping our customers manage their creative production process as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the biggest new features and updates we’ve added this month.

UI/UX Improvements

This month we set out to do a series of small updates to ConceptShare’s user interface that we think will have a good impact on the user experience.

Copy and Paste HTML content.

Based on feedback coming from customers, and although we had purposely disabled it in the past, we have re-enabled the ability to copy html content (text/images) from the conceptshare user interface into your local computer’s clipboard. Now you can take content from activity feed, info pages, and comments in the annotator and paste it in emails, office documents and anywhere else you may require to improve your daily work efficiency.

Collapsible Sidebar in Tablets

The sidebar now acts more in accordance with mobile experiences that you know and love. In smaller screens it will collapse to make room for content, then when you expand it, it will overlap on top of the content of the page instead of pushing it to the side. Finally when you select an item from the sidebar menu, the bar will collapse automatically for you to navigate to the selected item.

Breadcrumb Menus and Back Buttons

We have removed all the “back” buttons in the application. This to avoid confusion with the actual browser’s back button functionality. Now you can rely on breadcrumbs strategically located at various places in the application to navigate the informational hierarchy of ConceptShare’s interface.

Status Color Coding

Most informational work items in conceptshare (projects, deliverables, to-dos, and assets) have a status related to them. These statuses are linked to colours that represent the status of the item in the workflow. These colours are now clearly visible in both grid and thumbnail views so that you can know how everything is progressing with a quick glance.

Grid Filters

Grid or table views in ConceptShare allow you to filter the contents of the grid by various criteria, using the filter bar. When the filter bar is collapsed, it wasn’t easy to see that you have filters applied. Now you will see a label next to the filter icon indicating the status of the filter “On” or “Off”. Plus each filter that is active will become highlighted with a bold font. Finally every grid has gotten a status filter which allows you to have greater control to focus on the content that matters to you.

Reference Links in Annotator

Reference links are now represented in the annotator sidebar using two links. One to open the referenced asset directly, and the other one to open it in compare mode against the currently open asset. Just because less clicks it’s always better.

Review Responses

In reviews, you can now visualize the responses provided for all members that were ever part of a review, and not just the ones that are currently active.

Project level To-Do’s

In a previous release we introduced the To-Do’s feature at a project level. In this release we expand on that to allow you to create that kind of to-do from the workflow engine.

API and Integrations

UI Toggles

If you use our API to upload assets as an integrator. You now have the ability to disable the “Add Content” and “Create Version” options for new assets in the UI. This will allow you to make sure the content only comes from your end through the API.

Get Asset Thumbnail

For integrators, and users in general from our API, you can now retrieve Thumbnail versions of assets in ConceptShare so they can be displayed in host or third-party applications. It’s possible to specify the format and size.

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